WORRYWORRY Will Make You Enjoy The Life ‘Outside!’

WORRYWORRY Will Make You Enjoy The Life ‘Outside!’

What’s the hidden treasure of West London? We may have the answer here at THP headquarters. ‘Outside,’ from newcomer WORRYWORRY is that track that will invade your various playlists this week! The new face of folk-pop is coming to snap the music industry!

A Contemporary Tale

WORRYWORRY. The name might sound negative and scary, but just remind yourself that music is more than what you see on the surface. It’s a combination of mixed feelings and the Isleworth singer-songwriter reinterprets our quarantine days in a way we can all relate to. In the likes of Nick Drake’s authenticity and contemporary folk artists, WORRYWORRY intertwines the guitar and folklore aesthetic with beautifully constructed beats.

Image Source: Courtesy of Dawbell PR

A Journey Into Melancholia

Say you’re lonely but there’s no need to cry” WORRYWORRY introduces ‘Outside’ with solid vocal adventures, imprinted with pure melancholia. “You just have to keep on going and I know you’ll be fine” he continues, trying to give us a piece of hope in all the delicacies of his baritone voice. The British singer-songwriter delivers a message of hope and that we can be ourselves, no matter what envelops us ‘Outside.’

Image Source: TENOR GIF

A Theatrical Escape

Stunning and wild nature images? That’s the way you can attract the eye to send a message and WORRYWORRY understood that! With the help of director Aria Mark, he captured something we can definitely escape with. Forests, mountains, and his bewitching voice is our medicine. Comforting and soulful, we feel the vulnerability through the remarkable graphics. Because of nature and WORRYWORRY, one day we’ll all fit into a place in each other hearts.

“The cinematography mirrors the message of the song, which is about feeling like an outcast, that I don’t fit in and not wanting to be on the outside.”

– WORRYWORRY about the ‘Outside’ music video

If this intrigues you, accept our invite and stream the song here. Or much better, watch the incredible visuals below.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Dawbell PR

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