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Citizen Queen’s Heartbroken Ballad Heals The Mind!

Citizen Queen’s Heartbroken Ballad Heals The Mind!

What happens when a video goes viral? Did you ever watch that Evolution Of Girl Groups video? Then, you should be familiar with that new sensation band Citizen Queen, and yes, they reign on top of our hearts with their talent, making covers and, now, releasing their third original single ‘Y.’

Young and Heartbroken

Do you know how to feel when someone left you? When a person you love suddenly quits? Just like their contemporaries Ariana Grande, Little Mix, or the good old classic, the soulful Mariah Carey, we may have found your new addiction here at THP. Citizen Queen is a complete serve! Shed some tears and enjoy the mystic high notes and romantic falsettos.

I know we moved too fast, but who said young love couldn’t last,” sings Hannah Mrozak in a sweet voice that reminisces the soft tones of another of our beloved queens, Perrie Edwards. There’s no age for love, but breakups are so hard especially when there’s “No answer when I ask, you put us in the past, what’s hurting me the most is I don’t know why you left unsaid,” she continues in all the sadness in the world, sitting on a kitchen floor, trying to cope with the stab at the heart it gives her.

Cover art
Image source: Courtesy of RCA Records

Heal Yourself

Kaedi Dalley then slams she doesn’t need the sympathy of her ex, just processing the heal and even if she thinks about that person “on the daily”. On which side of the relationship ending are you? The shattered, crying one? Or the strong, getting over it vibe? The chemistry on that song between the girls of Citizen Queen is so flawless, their harmonies echoing like angels in heaven. All we can say is that the power they have is awesome! They are smashing it, whether it’s in ballads like this one or upbeat rhythmic songs like ‘No Ego’ and ‘Call Me Queen’.

Find Your Peaceful Place

Turning melancholy into positivity? Maybe looking through the window when it’s raining, crying in the bathroom, or simply sitting on the floor, head over knees? There’s always a way to get through it! Directed by Ethan Lader, who made a killer video previously with Mary J.Blige, Citizen Queen’s ‘Y’ visuals mark the beautiful peaceful imprint of the ballad.

Penned by many pop aficionados like Justin Tranter, NOVA WAV, and Morten Ristorp Jensen, ‘Y’ bonds with the listener, being a real comfort. You always got someone to make you feel better. The girls singing on the couch, laughing and giving a hand to each other, that’s what we call a great connection. The video is a cool combination of heartaches turning into happiness with amazing friends. Watch it below!

Grab your copy of Citizen Queen’s latest track here. What’s your distraction when you feel shattered like glass? Broken in your soul because of someone who used to love you? Tell us your tips on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Featured image source: Connor Franta

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