ellie d. Has Made The Perfect Quarantine Heartbreak Song!

ellie d. Has Made The Perfect Quarantine Heartbreak Song!

Ellie d., a rising star from sunny California, has brought us just the song we needed for the many things that have happened in this time in lockdown. Her newest single ‘Miss You’, is the perfect song for everyone that has had a tough time with relationships this past year.

We’ll be lying if we said we didn’t identify with the song…

We wouldn’t be honest if we said we haven’t gone through a heartbreak that we all want to get over. Getting into the shower and trying to wash away all those feelings. Lying to ourselves that we are over that person is something we all do, even though in the inside, we all know we really miss that person.

ellie d. found the way to put all those feelings and the process of denial on not being able to get over someone in just one song. That, in our honest opinion, is a masterpiece.

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The soft pop ballad is a song that expresses perfectly the hard path heartbreaks have taken thanks to lockdown. Which has led us with no option but to wait for special occasions, like our birthday to get a text from that person we are thinking of all day.

The combination of the beautiful lyrics and the angelical voice of ellie d. makes the song even more beautiful than you could think of. Ellie d. has reminded us with her new single, that she is in fact, one in a million. And also that her voice is something that we all need to hear. Stream it here!

We are proud to say that we stan her and her amazing talent!

Besides her new single, ellie d. has released some previous singles that has made us become big fans of her. Our favorite songs are ‘Passionfruit’, ‘Pretend’, and ‘Can´t Walk Away’. We are definitely obsessed with her music and so should you! Without a doubt, Ellie d. is ready to conquer the music industry! And we are ready to see her climb all the way up the charts.

Mark our words, ellie d. is going to become the next music superstar.

What’s your favorite song from the talented ellie d.? Tell us everything in the comments or buzz on over to our Twitter @TheHoneyPop !

Need more music? We gotcha!


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