Faerie Is Over The Moon On New Single

Faerie Is Over The Moon On New Single

Can we go back in history? Specifically to the likes of Neil Armstrong? Good News! Singer-songwriter Faerie is back, and she invites you on a peculiar trip. This week, she drops her new single, ‘re: invite to the moon’, a love letter before the big departure!

Welcome To Paradise!

Music is strong medicine, and Faerie understands that well. Apart from her original songs, she also creates beautiful covers. We are in awe of her Harry Styles ‘Sunflower, vol. 6’ one! And it’s no different on ‘re: invite to the moon’. In her new song, she convinces her partner to take a trip into smooth musicality and happiness. The moon or whatever satellite we can escape on, is the best place to chill, love, and dream. This paradisiac and metaphoric ideal scenery is her best-kept secret. Wanna join? We sure do!

Cover art
Image Source: Brian Scagnelli

Comforting Sounds

Where else could we go somewhere where we’re free to roam?” The answer is easy. Visit the enchanted yellow-white satellite with Faerie. Under the moon, everything is so smooth, comforting, and heavenly! Just like ‘re: invite to the moon,’ and we say it with confidence. If you are in love with Noah Cyrus’ graceful guitar hooks and exquisite lyrics from Lana Del Rey‘s Chemtrails Over The Country Club, you’ll be charmed by the New York-based singer-songwriter.

Image Source: Christine Lam

No Heartbreaks Allowed

So nice to meet you on the other side, watching stars fall with meteorites,” sings Fairie delicately with a soulful groove. She invites people to find their desert island, their calming place where we can all get together and support each other. Helped by Spanish composer VelviV, she clearly indicates that heartbreaks don’t exist on that mystical moon. Check out the video below and then stream the single here!

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Featured image source: Christine Lam

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