If We Could We Would Stan Ashley Kutcher Forever!

If We Could We Would Stan Ashley Kutcher Forever!

Ashley Kutcher, the singer who has taken over TikTok and our minds has just released one of the most beautiful songs we have ever heard. She has shown us with her new track, ‘If I Could’, just how amazing and talented she is!

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“I would, if I could”

First of all, wow! Her beautiful voice is one of the things that captured us! And mixed with the piano melody, the song is something that really hit us. Her talent made it more special than it already was!

Ashley Kutcher’s beautiful voice is perfect for the melody and we also are astonished by the gorgeous lyrics she wrote, because we can relate so much with it. We have all struggled to find a way to help a close person in our lives, but sometimes we don’t know what to do, how to help them, or how to “take it all away from you for good.”

“Won’t let this fade to memory”

The way the music video expresses the mind of someone trapped in their own thoughts and feelings, struggling with herself, and with the lyrics of someone being an outsider of the personal battle just touches you. It lets you comprehend how the song is trying to understand what the other person is feeling and how to find a way to help them. We are obsessed with the way the video is developed in a simple but unique way that tries to let you inside the other’s mind. It is just incredible! She surely knows how to take us all the way into her songs.

We know we are all obsessed with Ashley’s mind and talent, but while we wait until she releases more music, we will definitely continue listening to her previous releases! Our favorites are ‘Year To Be Over’, and ‘Love You From a Distance.’

Ashely Kutcher has definitely made our favorite artists list! What did you think about her newest masterpiece? Tell us everything on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Clyde Munroe, Courtesy of Darkroom / Interscope Records

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