IMANU Brings Massive Shivers On New Single

IMANU Brings Massive Shivers On New Single

Fancy a trip to Rotterdam epic club nights? Let’s do it, from a distance, of course. It’s time to close your eyes and enjoy that massive new track from Jonathan Immanuel Kievit, better known under his producer alter ego name IMANU. Dance ‘Skin To Skin’ and enjoy the massive audio pleasures that await.

Enter the new dimension

This week IMANU encapsulates the time and space dimensions with his instrumental hooks. Enter the Tardis, or whatever ship of your choice, and explore the world of drum N bass, dubstep, and big beats. Don’t blink: all you need is to fall into the dreamy and vaporous introduction. Keep your head high and ascend to a new and bold musical dimension with the complex synthetic reverberations and loud drums.

Image source: IMANU Instagram

Going under fire!

IMANU’s productivity is exploding exponentially with three EPs that you can discover here amongst many ardent fire remixes. ‘Skin To Skin’ is the colossal missing piece to the Netherlands producer puzzle. Crazy beats, intricate loops, and haunting additional vocals assemble in one unique crescendo. The song is under fire, boiling in our veins at first listen.

Image source: TENOR Gifs

Like snake molt

A rebirth. The process of getting comfortable in his skin. Like snake molt, the Netherlands beat prodigy reveals a new part of him. First known as Signal, the producer wanted to redefine himself. Indeed, he still kept the thumping instrumentation elements from the past but wanted to evolve. IMANU feels more personal as it’s taken from his middle name. Experimenting with more technologies and tempos, the ‘Skin To Skin’ idea started to flourish while playing on Twitch, then developed on the Discord app. New technologies and music fit so well these days we can’t agree more!

Discover the new sound of your weekend here The distorted and cinematic texture will grip your mind, heart, and soul!

And while you at it, stream/purchase ‘Skin to Skin’ here!

What’s your first impression? Pretty intense, don’t you think? Send us your comments on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, or Instagram. Fan of electronic music?

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Featured image source: Farhad Khodadadzade

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