Ruth B Is Back And In A Bit Of A ‘Situation’-ship

Ruth B Is Back And In A Bit Of A ‘Situation’-ship

Ruth B- what a goddess! We are so stoked to have her back and in such a big way. She’s been up to a lot since we last got new music from her back in the late Summer of 2020, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!


First up, Ruth’s new single! ‘Situation’ is a dreamy and powerful pop number with even dreamier vocals. Ruth sings in such a way that hypnotizes her listeners and invites them into her world – the world inside her beautiful mind. In this track, that world is about a “relationship” that hasn’t been labeled yet, and she wonders “what’s the situation?” Love her? Then let her know or let her go. It’s pretty straightforward on her part, and we love that – no games or BS! It’s one of her most relatable songs, and, as usual, poetry to our ears. 

And the visuals? Our eyes are blessed! We love everything about this video’s aesthetic, from the intimate atmosphere to the pops of colorful details- it’s a pure work of art. Did we die and go to heaven because WOW! She is so angelic and unbelievable throughout this entire video, and we’re obsessed with all of it! Oh, and Ruth B serenading us? We can think of no better way to spend our lives. Check out the video below, and don’t forget to stream the single here!

A Glorious New Album!?

That’s right, Ruth B has also announced that she will be releasing her sophomore, full-length album: Moments In Between. Ruth is a musical chameleon, and we expect the new album will blend multiple genres into one earth-shattering, soul-crushing, goosebumps-inducing masterpiece. We know she worked with some iconic producers to create it, including Justin Raisen (Angel OlsenSantigold) and Doug Schadt (Maggie RogersAshe), so we can guarantee it’s set up for greatness. You can get your hands on this beauty on June 11th!

Are you as excited as we are to have new Ruth B music back in your life? Are you stoked for the album? What are your thoughts on her new single and music video? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

Buzzin’ for more new music? Right, this way!


Featured Image Source: Trulli/Shore Fire Media

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