Sebastián Yatra And Myke Towers, The Duo Of The Year!

Sebastián Yatra And Myke Towers, The Duo Of The Year!

We have been all dancing around the house to Sebastián Yatra‘s newest collab with the amazing Myke Towers! They have just made the missing jam in our lives!

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We all have adored every single track these iconic faces of Latin music have been releasing. But, this track has something magic that has captured us. We are so in love with the way the song makes you want to sing and dance with a red solo cup in your hand. Yatra and Towers have created the perfect partying jam we were missing.

Sebastián Yatra has made us all fall in love with his previous records, and this song is not an exception. The voice of the Colombian artists is just… astounding! With the help of Myke Towers, they both have made us have their new song stuck in our minds all day long.

‘Pareja del Año’ is our new jam!

‘Pareja del Año’, even though it is a heartbreak song about being in love with someone who isn’t available, has made us feel the excitement of hearing that reggaeton hit when we are out. The song has a mix of beats that are perfect for us partying and singing our hearts out with the catchy lyrics the song has. Yatra and Towers have created a masterpiece!

We are going to be honest, ‘Pareja del Año’ has blown our minds! We are definitely going to hear it 24/7 in our COVID home alone parties.

Also, let’s not forget how wonderful the music video is!

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The Magic Of Yatra And Towers

Starting in the beautiful Adrienne Arsht Center, Yatra debuted in the music video with a beautiful blue suit with the sound of violins, introducing us to the song that we know will break the music world. Also, around the video, they use this amazing color palette mixed with amazing lighting that made this video more amazing than it already was. And we are going to confess, we love to see Myke and Sebastián together on screen, our hearts bounce out when we see them!

Proving to us again that they own Latin Music, Yatra and Towers have shown us that together they can be more than powerful and that they are surely the duo of the year! Todo el mundo me decía, but no one warned me how addicted I would be to these incredible artists.

How much did you love this new song? Are you addicted to it as much as us? Tell us everything in the comments and don´t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Rick Fernando for Universal Music

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