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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier And Its Never-Ending Questions

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier And Its Never-Ending Questions

the falcon and the winter soldier episode 5

Yes, we are back to The Falcon And The Winter Soldier again. Two big things happened in the last 24 hours regarding this show. Number one, we have one more featurette for it. Number two, the fifth episode came out, and oh my God (again)! The longer this show goes on, the more it surprises the audience in the best ways.

Firstly, the new featurette. The Wakandans are back, honey! It seems that we have not seen the last of the Dora Milaje yet! We’re glad to hear that because honestly, who could get tired of seeing awesome women in the MCU?

On top of being awesome, it looks like the Dora Milaje are also going to be present for the big finale of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier too. As of right now, the last time we saw them was as they took Zemo to prison in Wakanda. That being said, there is no way they won’t be back for the last episode. But THP, how can you be sure? Easy, Sam’s “we’re gonna need all hands on deck for whatever’s coming next.” And if your “all hands on deck” doesn’t include the best warriors in the world, you’re doing something wrong.

**As usual, here’s your spoiler warning for The Falcon And The Winter Soldier because we love you**

Now, what’s coming next is the part we should be worried about for a few reasons. Now that episode 5 is out, there are even more questions as to what next week will bring. Starting with what was that post-credit scene? It feels like we just witnessed John Walker’s villain origin story on our screens. How dare Marvel give us that and then make us wait another week to see the outcome? But even before that, the episode was just so much to process!

What We’ve Seen

If we may, we’d like to start by pointing out a few things we got right last time:

Isaiah Bradley is back! And his talk with Sam was one huge emotional rollercoaster that just made us go “I can’t believe Marvel went there”. All the social commentary in this scene felt like a punch in the stomach, but it was exactly what everyone (including Sam) needed to hear. And getting another little interaction with Eli Bradley (a.k.a. Patriot, future member of the Young Avengers) was cool too.

Sharon is not trustworthy. We called it! We knew there was something off, and we were right! During her talk with Batroc in this episode, it’s implied she had something to do with his last “job” (the one Sam stopped in episode 1). We’re not surprised by this, but we’re curious to see where she goes from here, and how she got here. And are Sam and Bucky going to find out she’s not who they think she is? (Please say yes!)

Walker is losing it. Who knew, huh? This is surprising to a total of zero people, but it didn’t make watching him in this episode any easier. He’s terrifying, and the super-soldier serum really took a toll on him. If his story in the MCU follows the same path as in the comics, this is the moment we should all be worried.

Sam got the shield! Finally, the Captain America we all wanted to see has his shield. And the training montage was amazing! And if anything, it shows how dedicated to doing the right thing Sam is. We wonder if now people will understand why he was Steve’s choice for a successor. And remember when we mentioned Joaquin Torres becomes the Falcon in the comics, and that this might happen in the MCU? Yeah, we got a nod to that as well, yay!

Sam walking with the shield
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What Comes Next

We have one episode left, people! So many plot points still need to be resolved, and we can’t wait! The main conflict we want to see resolved is the Flag Smashers vs. everybody else. In episode 5 we see Karli and her comrades discussing future plans, at the same time that the GRC are talking about how to deal with the group themselves. And now they’re working with Batroc? This has a big chance of not ending well at all. For anyone.

Zemo saying "I'm sure it will all come to an agreeable conclusion"
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Speaking of the Flag Smashers, how is the (real) new Captain America going to go about this? Sam stated before he agrees with Karli’s fight, just not the way she’s fighting. Now, we have one more episode to see him try to stop her without killing her and prove Zemo is wrong about super-soldiers. Hopefully, Sam is right and this doesn’t have to end in more deaths.

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We would also like to see Mr. Bucky Barnes get some closure too, please. His talk with Sam about why he was trying to “make amends” had us screaming because bromance and support! This dynamic is too perfect. But it was a great wake-up call to Bucky, not expecting your past to suddenly solve the problems in your present. He needed to hear that as much as Sam needed to hear Isaiah’s story before making his decision about the shield.

Sam and Bucky's handshake

Did anyone else feel like they had like 10 heart attacks watching this episode? Tell us in the comments, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! We’ll love to hear what you think!

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