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We Certainly Don’t Feel Like Losers After Checking Out The Latest Babygirl EP

We Certainly Don’t Feel Like Losers After Checking Out The Latest Babygirl EP

Finding new artists to dive into is honestly our biggest hobby, so diving into this Babygirl EP Losers Weepers was such an incredible experience. We are always looking for more alt-pop music as it’s one of our favorite genres so we truly just couldn’t be happier that this project is now in our lives.

We hope you can take as much from these six songs as we have! Babygirl is one of the most refreshing incredible bands we’ve heard in a while and we really think you guys will dig them! Let’s get into this EP and gush about all of this new music!

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Wow. We are one track in and are completely obsessed with Babygirl already. There is something about Kiki’s voice that is just so soft yet commanding and so effortlessly beautiful. The whole song was very delicate and such ear candy. It’s all about that person that you are so infatuated with and they make beauty look so effortless. You get to the point where you don’t even care how they treat you because you are just so into them.


We don’t know what it is, but this Babygirl track feels very early 2000’s in the best possible way. We are so into it! Once again you get Kiki’s incredibly soothing vocals backed by Cameron on the guitar and background vocals killing it as well. The whole concept of thinking you have someone and then having to come to the realization that they are a flake and you need to just say ‘Nevermind’ and go your separate ways can be challenging, but at least that experience made for a beautiful song. That’s what they’d call a silver lining!

‘You Were In My Dreams Last Night’

Babygirl might just have made the coolest, chilliest track of all time. We can’t get over how good it is and how we can’t really place it genre-wise, we just love it. The vocals are soft and beautiful, but somehow the music feels bright? Like a song meant for summer but it has to be summer nights and long drives. Which of course is the opposite of the music video but hey, it’s just the vibes we are getting. We are going to play this on a loop quite a few times.

‘Today Just Isn’t My Day’

This track kinda broke us. It’s such a heartbreaking track that is all too relatable. And it is heightened by the emotions in Kiki’s vocals. Babygirl truly has blown us away with this track. We are almost left speechless at what a standout track this is.

‘Million Dollar Bed’

Okay, this is it, this is our favorite track so far on this Babygirl EP. ‘Million Dollar Bed’ is almost ethereal. The vocals just sound so otherworldly. The track is all about how no matter the level of richness is achieved everything this person does will always be with another person in mind. And no, we aren’t just going to move past this incredible Disney reference “almost as many puppies as Cruella de Vil,” truly A+.

‘A Little Bit Closer’

This track has almost haunting effects. It’s so pretty and peaceful and we just couldn’t love the track more. Kiki’s voice is serene in the purest way and it all just flows seamlessly. The lyrics aren’t lacking in any way either! The longing that is being sung about here is something so relatable that we feel like Babygirl has put into words way better than we ever could.

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We would love to hear from you guys! What do you think of Losers Weepers by Babygirl? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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