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We Love To Cry To Good Music So Sad Songs About Sad Things By Jayde Is Our Ideal EP

We Love To Cry To Good Music So Sad Songs About Sad Things By Jayde Is Our Ideal EP

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Everyone meet Jayde! She is one of the hottest rising stars and is making waves with her debut EP, Sad Songs About Sad Things. Supporting debut projects is such an exciting thing because you get to watch their entire growth as an artist. 

We are a sucker for a good sad song, so just based on the title, we can only guess we are going to love this entire project. Sometimes, we just need a good cry. If we had to pick a favorite genre of music (that isn’t technically a genre) it would be ‘music we’d cry on our shower floors to.’

This EP is five tracks which is the perfect sweet spot for an EP. There are enough songs to really get a feel for who Jayde is as an artist but not too many that it might as well be called an album.

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‘f this’

Right off the bat, we are loving this title- it’s our mood almost 100% of the time. Before getting to the music, we have to say that the music video is stunning! Like straight out of a fairy tale with an ultra-girly dream sequence. With the first track off the EP, Jayde sets the bar high for the rest of the project. This is such incredible pop music. We can relate to the feeling of just exiting a situation because we don’t want to get too involved. It’s all part of that overthinking section of our brain, and Jayde describes it perfectly.


Having a relationship that is ‘untitled’ is just a recipe for disaster. We are here to scream the message from the mountain tops that you are worth so much more than anyone who won’t show you off to the world. Jayde puts into words flawlessly how it feels to be on the devastating end of this situation. You want to go along with it because you care, but at the same time, you know your worth.

‘sad af’

We are living for the dark-pop feel in this track. This proves Jayde can change up her sound and create incredible, honest music across the board. This is a perfect track to cry and scream the lyrics to because, sometimes, we are in the same boat as Jayde and are, indeed, ‘sad af.’ It’s kind of like drowning to have to pretend to be happy when that’s not the actual case, and she explains that so well in this track.


This music video made us cry, and so does this song every time we listen to it! Jayde perfectly describes what it’s like to feel someone drifting away from you and what you thought you had with this person. If you’ve ever experienced those emotions, this track will hit you like a bus. But, of course, we can’t forget to mention how incredible the feel of the track is- even though it ruined our mascara.

‘enough for u’

We knew this track was going to be about a break-up, and we were right. Jayde knows how to get the tears flowing with her delivery of these heartbreaking lines. Not feeling like enough is something so many of us struggle with, and it’s a situation we can’t really put into words. But, of course, a genius like Jayde can.

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