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We Might Be Alright With Waxflower’s New Single!

We Might Be Alright With Waxflower’s New Single!

Waxflower has done it again! The band has just released their newest album, We Might Be Alright, and we can’t stop listening to it! The album has showcased the amazing sound and talent the four members of the band have, and it proves to us, once again, that they are incredible artists. Listen along here as we take you through our inner monologue of this incredible EP!


The first song of the EP is just the perfect way to open their newest album, and with just this first song- we are already obsessed! The collaboration with the fantastic Caitlin Henry was the perfect match for the upbeat song and the unique sound of Waxflower. The song is ideal to play out loud in your car and listen to it while you drive around the city. It takes you on a voyage full of emotion, and the melody of the music makes you just want to dance your heart out, giving you doses of energy that you need to start the day.

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Not Alone’

The second song is just what we all need. Having a 2000s vibe, the song makes you feel ready to get out of your house and do something crazy. The phenomenal melody is something we are obsessed with- we love the way the drums and guitars perfectly match the voice of the band! It creates the perfect chemistry to make you jump from where you are and not stop.

Food For Your Garden’

The third song, having a different style of vibes than the EP’s previous tracks, is no exception. It fits so perfectly into the amazing masterpiece Waxflower is giving us. The song is perfect to play in your house and sing and dance to, letting everything out and just enjoying the moment and having fun. To be honest, it’s one of our favorites. We love how the song makes us feel. Grab your makeshift microphone because this song is going to make you have your own concert at home.

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‘Fake Frown

This is a song we didn’t know we were missing. ‘Fake Frown’ is an emotional voyage that takes you into the amazing melody and lyrics of the story the song tells. Also, the track has these astonishing drumbeats that we can’t get over! We’re loving the incredible chemistry of the electric guitar over the drums, which are the main characters on this track. This song needs to be part of our life soundtrack ASAP.

We Might Be Alright’

Being the last song of the EP, this is exactly what we needed to conclude the masterpiece and make sure we’re alright. Waxflower found a way to create a wonderful melody to hype us and make us feel that we are ready for what’s coming up in our lives. Let’s also not ignore the lyrics of it. The incredible masterminds of Waxflower have shown us again what they are capable of in this song. It is the perfect song to close their extraordinary new EP, but it makes us want more of them! ‘We Might Be Alright’ if they release more music. How about you?

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We are loving what Waxflower has done with their latest EP, We Might Be Alright! Go stream it here! What did you think about it? Tell us everything in the comments, or let’s chat on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter.

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Featured Image: Mitchh Lowe via Waxflower Instagram

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