Birdy Overcomes The ‘Second Hand News’

Birdy Overcomes The ‘Second Hand News’

Fly like a bird and discover a new lovely track today! Piano ballads are perfect for this spring season! Know what’s great? The new music from Birdy right now for your listening pleasure! She slides into our minds with her new song ‘Second Hand News’.

Opening The Book

Birdy is a brilliant songwriter, inspired by various experiences. On ‘Second Hand News,’ it’s all about trust in a relationship. I’m a book of mistakes/And it’s just getting worse/Every new one I make/ Is a rumour you heard”, she kicks inalong with her best friend, or may we say her piano. Her vocals are on fire, powerful and genuine. Reminiscent of the likes of Ruth B, Adele, or Hannah Reid from London Grammar, it’s always great to discover the passion she has! Like a romance novel, the song relates to how it’s hard when the person you love doesn’t believe in you. Rumors lead to jealousy and fights. How can we solve this?

Feeling the pain!

Suffering. That’s the word that summarises the ‘Second Hand News’ storyline. We all make mistakes. Sadly, they are often exposed to people around us, and some of them will exaggerate the true story and create rumors. The love of our life can’t stand it and believes these false representations. Then, it’s the broken hearts and how to cope with the emotional situation. Birdy expresses the process through the music, healing with the melodies and the delicate and irresistible piano arpeggio.

Image Source: Lotta Boman

Never Let It Go

“If I just let go/If my heart could choose/I would burn these bridges I’ve built/And find my way back to you,” the Lymington-born singer hooks to some harsh reality, like a lifebuoy. Birdy’s voice resonates like an angel delivering a message of yearning, that love is still in the way, and we should never give up, despite the grief. Her high-pitched tones floating in the air mesmerize us. Her tremolo is full throttle on intensity. A piano, a celestial vocal range, that’s all you need to make a powerful and tender song. ‘Second Hand News’ feels like reassuring arms wrapping around us. Listen to the captivating track here.

Get your hands on ‘Second Hand News’ here. Also, don’t forget to preorder Young Heart! Get plenty of these great songs to rejoice in! As a bonus, you can sort your cozy nights safe and warm with a mug of tea and a comfy hoodie. What’s your take? Tell us on Twitter at @TheHoneyPopFacebook, or Instagram. If you need romantic ballads, click here!



Featured image source: Courtesy of Driift

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