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Enter Shikari Gift Their Fans With New Lockdown Sessions

Enter Shikari Gift Their Fans With New Lockdown Sessions

What to do when you’re stuck at home and can’t promote your work? During the restrictive lockdown (will we ever see the end of it?), Rou Reynolds and his bandmates of Enter Shikari decided to explore the depths of their latest album and make new versions of their tracks, in acoustic and lovely homemade sessions. Moratorium (Broadcasts From The Interruption) is available now for you to listen, wherever you are!

Surprise! Surprise!

We didn’t expect this new material from the St Albans bunch and what a lovely gift they offered their fans! Out of nowhere, without any warnings, Enter Shikari released the new record, exactly a year after Kerrang’s Album Of The Year drop Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible. The collection of reworks starts with the orchestral ‘The Dreamer’s Hotel’, with Bulgaria’s Sofia Session Orchestra. Enjoy the galactic high opera choir which adds some great vibes to the original track! Moratorium (Broadcast From The Interruption) brings the softer edges of the band in some songs, buzzing with the emotions. Be ready for raw acoustic bops!

With no live shows, and no real contact with the rest of the band, it was nice to at least be able to do some remote sessions together.

Rou Reynolds

Cover art
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A Boost of Energy!

Enter Shikari crafted a whole unique universe, boosting our energy with their edgy production; at home and having fun on YouTube with these joyful dribbles or in all fragility with the acoustic versions. Giving a fresh spin to their work, they also paid a vibrant tribute to David Bowie on ‘Heroes’. Simply brilliant, without too much extravaganza, the cover is peaceful music from the mind. We can say the same about ‘Stop The Clocks’ or ‘T.I.N.A’, the folk essence winning over the band’s usual math-heavy rock! It’s also interesting to hear the diverse sessions made during lockdown playing the catchy riffs ‘satellites* *’, the reinvention of their 2012’s classic ‘Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here’, or ‘The Great Unknown’ and its apocalyptic and melodic beats. Are you able to play with your vocals with falsettos and bass notes as Rou Reynolds does? Try it out with the video here.

Not Only Music!

Thanks to Enter Shikari for that incredible present. You’ll also probably be happy to know that Rou Reynolds made a reflection to accompany the lyrics of Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible. Want to know more about inequalities, mental health and the archaic political and social systems? This book will make you self-reflect and be ready for a provocative perspective of humanity. We expect a good read coming soon that’ll hit us hard! We can’t wait to check out Rou’s book, A Treatise On Possibility: Perspectives On Humanity Hereafter.

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You can stream Moratorium (Broadcast From The Interruption) right here. but if you prefer owning your physical treasure, head over here to preorder amazing t-shirts, CDs, superfan-centered bundles, and Rou Reynolds’ A Treatise On Possibility: Perspectives on Humanity Hereafter book! Treat yourself!

Looking for more music? We’ve got all the buzz for you right here!

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