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London Grammar Roadtrip On Californian Soil

London Grammar Roadtrip On Californian Soil

Summer is coming. Let the fresh air come envelope you, entwining with the music and its complex nature. Sow the seeds in the Californian Soil, and let the leaves grow with London Grammar’s graceful third album. On Sunday, to celebrate the album’s release, the band will perform the full record for their fans or the curious music lovers via YouTube. In the meantime, why not discover the LP to gear up for the wonderful upcoming performance. Are you in?

A Natural Introduction

London Grammar is syncing with nature on the opener simply called ‘Intro.’ Just breathe. Meditate to the bells ringing in the churches and the leaves crackling in the forest. Imagine yourself sailing into the sea thanks to the poetic and powerful string arrangements. All of this is supported by Hannah Reid’s haunting vocalizations. It sets the tone for what will be a magical journey into dreamy waves.

Swallow Your Pride!

Fan of trip-hop? You will love the title track from London Grammar’s new album. The song is refreshingly upbeat and is full of deep grooves. The world may think all we can do is swallow our pride and do what we are told! Let’s rise and change that! Listen to what Hannah Reid says with her mesmerizing vocals.

Get Over Toxicity!

Is there something ‘Missing’ in your life? “Everybody’s got their own idea of right and wrong with arms wide open” chants London Grammar on the soulful track. All opinions are valid- no matter if it’s positive, negative, or neutral, don’t you think? Feel like you ‘Lose your Head’ in all the toxicity of today’s world? Maybe, but there is a little hope on the other side of the mirror, and the Nottingham trio brings an ethereal background to the message.

Genuine Fragility

Love and relationships aren’t easy. In all their fragility, London Grammar’s melancholic signature is too hard to handle on ‘Lord It’s a Feeling’ or ‘All My Love.’ You’re gonna cry, guaranteed, with the emotive near angelic falsettos that Florence And The Machine fans will adore. We even feel shivers while listening closely to the Kate Bush-infused melodies of ‘Call Your Friends’ or ‘Talking.’ Being manipulated by people near us is a weird feeling and ‘How Does It Feel?’ captures that essence. Watch London Grammar’s unforgettable performance of their latest single, co-produced by Steve Mac, on The Late Late Show With James Corden below.

Walking Through The Sand

The album from London Grammar is perfect and smooth for your campfire escapes. It has some upbeat surprises on ‘Baby It’s You,’ with infectious synths and gentleness closing on a message of freedom and hope in ‘America.’ Jump on the Californian Soil now! Feel the sand under your bare feet on the beach and get some goodies here! Want to discover it in a new way? Don’t miss the show on Sunday, April 18th at 7 pm BST here! Can’t wait till then? Enjoy this tease and watch the short preview below.

What’s the best place on earth to escape? The Californian Soil? Where do you feel free? Like you can just let go? Tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, or Instagram.

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