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Shania Twain Is Home, On Home Now Radio!

Shania Twain Is Home, On Home Now Radio!

Country music, worldwide superstar Shania Twain is in full swing with her radio show Home Now Radio on Apple Music Hits, which began last year. We’ve been transfixed with hearing Shania’s celebration of fellow musicians, and this week’s episode (episode 14) was no different. We knew it was only right that we tell you all about it, with Shania chatting about family bands, including some of our favorite artists, like Haim and the Jonas Brothers! Check it out yourself here because we’re about to tell you all about it, and, well, spoilers!

Shania the HAIM fan!

This family band is fabulous. It’s a fabulous family band. I love these guys. These girls are superb musicians and they are excellent songwriters. Talented show women and great singers with a beautiful, beautiful family blend. I was so flattered to be on their radio show. They also have an Apple Music radio show, which is so cool. We chatted and had a few great laughs. Just talked music and reminded each other how much we wanted to get together and make music together. And we will do that.

Shania on Home Now Radio

Yes. Yes, 100%, we need a HAIM and Shania Twain collab, please. Where do we have to send cookies to make this happen? Can you imagine the power of that team? We love seeing artists supporting fellow artists. And as for that HAIM radio show, The Honey POP has got you covered besties, it’s called HAIM TIME, and here it is!

Photo Credit: Daria Kobayashi Ritch for Rolling Stone

Shania Gets Inspired By Wynonna Judd

I was following The Judds so closely when they came out because I was yet to come out and Wynonna being in she’s a similar age to me. And I guess I would say I looked up to her and I was inspired by her. I mean, incredible vocalist and her and her mom were just beautiful together vocally. People that I would consider salt of the earth, honest, straightforward, they’re very loving, they’re fun, and just really easy to get to know. And you know what? I’m friends with Wynonna, man. I mean her and I text regularly checking up on each other, making sure we’re all doing okay. Talk about her kids. Talk about what’s growing in the garden, flowers. We send pictures to each other of what we’re picking and stuff. She likes to grow vegetables and things like that. So she’s always pulling up stuff from her garden and I’m often just taking photos of my bouquets from my garden and we send them to each other. It’s kind of fun.

Shania Twain for her radio show on Apple Music Hits

We want to talk about gardening with Shania and Wynonna, please! Wynonna is one of the world’s most recognized and celebrated country music stars, and although she’s now a soloist in her own right, she started her career alongside her mom Naomi, as the country music duo The Judds. From 1983 to 1991, the Grammy award-winning pair released six studio albums, cementing their place in country music history. And The Judds, as well as Wynonna herself, had a massive impact on Shania, and inspired her to become the Shania Twain we all know and love!

Mama Twain’s Favorite

My mother’s favorite vocal group were the Everly Brothers. So the Everly Brothers were Don and Phil and their harmonies are just so famous and I’ve never, ever heard two voices blend more beautifully than the Everly Brothers, I really mean that.

Shania Twain talking about The Everly Brothers on her radio show

The Everly Brothers were an American rock and roll duo hailing from Tennessee, best known for their country style and immaculate harmonies- it’s no surprise that Shania (and her Mum) were fans. Best known for their hits ‘All I have to Do Is Dream’ and ‘Cathy’s Clown,’ just to name a few, their influence on country-rock is still felt today, and it’s lovely to hear how Shania’s mom’s musical taste was able to impact her, too! We loved hearing Shania reminisce about the artists that she grew up with. It’s all a bit emotional!

Nick Jonas, Answer Your Phone.

If you’re a Jonas Brother, you must feel cool all the time. Right? Like I would think so. Anyway, I don’t know, but they are cool. Now I would consider Nick Jonas, a friend of mine. He is a sweetheart, and you know, we’ve crossed paths a couple of times. We’ve done some things together, musically, and you know, it’s just a fun, cool friendship that we’ve got, and I look forward to doing more together. So Nick, I will be calling out to you soon so we can get together and make some more music. How about that? That would be so cool, wouldn’t it?

Shania Twain on Episode 14 of Home Now Radio


This is a message for Nick Jonas and only Nick Jonas… answer your phone! If and when Shania Twain, the actual queen of country music, calls you, you best answer your phone. The world needs this collab. Please, and thank you. Oh, what we would give to hear a Shania country cover of ‘Cake by the Ocean’ from DNCE or some old school Jonas Brothers. Imagine Shania’s take on ‘S.O.S.’ Ok, we’ve gone off the deep end now! 

Be part of the show!

We loved listening to Shania on Home Now Radio on Apple Music Hits. It was full of nostalgia, emotion, laughter, and lots of unexpected friendships! We can’t wait for the next installment, on April 30th. Got any questions or stories about Shania’s music? You can send them to her, and yours might be included in the show’s segment Dear Shania! You can email Shania at right now! Maybe we won’t tell Shania about us murdering ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’ on karaoke when we were 14. We’ll keep that a secret between you and us!

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Need more Shania in your life? Yeah, us too. Here you go!


Featured Image Source: Facebook/ Shania Twain

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