The Struts and paris jackson Drop Iconic New Love Song!

The Struts and paris jackson Drop Iconic New Love Song!

Your new iconic duo is here! British rockers, The Struts, team up with American darling paris jackson on the new song ‘Low-Key In Love.’ Follow them in an adventure between desire and shyness. Let’s rock on with this melodic summer love hymn!

The Star-Studded Collaborations Continue!

The Struts worked with loads of superstars on their latest record Strange Days. From pop king Robbie Williams to indie-rocker Albert Hammond Junior and classic heavy creators Tom Morello and Joe Elliot from Def Leppard, the band strikes back. This time, it’s with that surprising team-up with paris jackson. The singer-songwriter and model released Wilted last year and has been working non-stop for good causes. She came across the Derby band at a Mötley Crüe concert and both were getting along amazingly well online. What happened next? The idea came for the smashing story, which is ‘Low-Key In Love.’ The rest is history as we love to say.

Back to the Future!

Having war flashbacks from Back To The Future? We just can’t get enough of this time travel into the seventies world. Thanks to the genius production from Tommy English who brought the rock’n’roll swag to life. With the chemistry that Dolly and Kenny have on ‘Islands In The Stream,’ you’ll deffo find lots on the new The Struts and paris jackson track. Fight your ‘Beast Of Burden’ too with the subtle and glamourous guitar introduction.

The struts
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Come on! Tell your feelings!

Do you ever wonder what to say while on a date? Luke Spiller from The Struts took inspiration from a meeting in a retro-chic aesthetic bar, trying to let out the hidden feelings. Seeing paris jackson performing an acoustic set afterward just made it clear.

Something inside was telling me that everything happened for a reason, so I decided to message her. I’m convinced some things are just written in the stars. Bringing in Paris just gave the song a whole new dimension and really brings the story to life”, he explains about the creative process behind ‘Low-Key In Love’.

Never wanted anyone so bad / It’s making me go wild” Luke Spiller begins to sing with his raw energetic tone. “And all I want is just to drive him / But I don’t know where to start” paris replies with her soft and sweet vocals. ‘Low-Key In Love’ describes that confrontation of being shy in front of the other we have feelings for. There is only one message, stop being quiet, don’t be afraid, and spill your guts to the other person! The song is drawn like a story, harmonizing on both sides. We’re addicted to the groovy bass too! What about you? Listen to the track below.

Stream and download the new fabulous song here!

We’re more than ‘Low-Key In Love’ with the track, we’re crazy about it and we hope you are too! Tell us what you think on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, and Instagram.

Want to hear some more fun duets? Head over here and enjoy!



Featured image source: Cameron Nunez and Charli Harri

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