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This Is What You Missed In PVRIS’ Third Online Concert

This Is What You Missed In PVRIS’ Third Online Concert

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Since last November, PVRIS have been holding online concerts: each one dedicated to one of their albums. We got one for their debut album, White Noise, and it felt like a throwback. Then the second one was dedicated to All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell. And finally, for the third date, they performed their latest album: Use Me.

The album was released last summer which is why most of the songs had never been performed live and that’s also why this was the date we were the most excited about, and they did not disappoint.

Source: PVRIS’ official Twitter account (@ThisIsPVRIS)

Use Me was already a masterpiece to begin with, but it’s a whole other thing to listen to it live – it puts the songs under a whole different light. The rawness and rasp in Lynn’s voice is something that has always been typical and unique in PVRIS’ music, however, it holds much more power in songs like the opening track ‘Gimme a Minute’ or ‘Dead Weights’ and ‘Use Me.’ But it’s not only about the vocals, the instrumental really shined the most in ‘Stay Gold’ and ‘Good To Be Alive.’ They slightly rearranged some of the tracks adding distortion and also more guitar, making the songs come alive and showcasing Lynn’s amazing skills not only as a vocalist but also as a guitarist.

Even though most of the songs had never been performed live before; ‘Hallucinations’, ‘Death of Me’, and ‘Old Wounds’ were the exceptions as they were originally released on their 2019 EP: Hallucinations. PVRIS performed them live in concert in 2019 and early 2020. However, it doesn’t make them any less special, because songs like ‘Hallucinations’ and ‘Death of Me’ are songs in PVRIS’ discography that are more fun and upbeat, and truly set themselves apart from any other songs on the album. Especially ‘Old Wounds,’ that’s one to be remembered as there’s no other song that shows Lynn’s powerful vocals better than this one. From the lower notes to falsettos, to the raspiness and emotion in her voice, ‘Old Wounds’ live shows Lynn’s versatile and unique voice better than ever.

Next on the setlist were ‘Loveless’ and ‘January Rain’ – the slower songs on the album. Lynn performed ‘Loveless’ with only a track, her guitar, and her captivating voice. This song is already heartbroken enough but it hit even harder last night. And while ‘Loveless’ is already a stripped-back, almost acoustic track, it isn’t the case for ‘January Rain’. The song was rearranged and stripped back to Lynn and her guitar, and Brian and a piano. It was a beautiful version of an already hauntingly beautiful song and showed vulnerability more than any other – truly a highlight of the night and something we didn’t necessarily expect.

Just like the closing track, the ending of the concert was very bittersweet. ‘Wish You Well’ was by far one of the songs we were the most looking forward to experiencing live due to its carefree vibe and amazing lyrics, but it not only meant the end of the concert but also of this series of concerts overall. One thing’s for sure, we can’t wait to see PVRIS perform again because if there’s one thing this concert proved to us (even though we already knew) it’s that PVRIS is an incredible band live and they just keep getting better.

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Featured Image Source: via PVRIS’ Official Instagram Account

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