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You Know ‘How It Feels’ To Have A Complete COIN Rainbow MixTape? We’re About To Find Out!

You Know ‘How It Feels’ To Have A Complete COIN Rainbow MixTape? We’re About To Find Out!

We’re so in love with COIN‘s Rainbow MixTape trilogy, and it’s been such a pleasure to follow its release over the last few months. To be fair, though, we’re in love with all of COIN’s releases. If you’ve been following along with the Rainbow MixTape project, this news won’t come as a surprise to you. COIN just dropped ‘How It Feels,’ the first track off the upcoming Red-Orange EP, set to round out the trilogy. You can stream ‘How It Feels’ here while waiting for the rest of the EP to drop!

‘How It Feels’ 

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Keeping in line with the contemporary retro vibes of some of the other songs off of these color-coded EPs, ‘How It Feels’ starts strong. It has the type of beat you can feel in your chest and all-around groovy tones that we can’t get enough of.

Young and dumb 
To be all alone 
To be all around the sun
They say it’s all been done
You don’t know how it feels

The song’s production and vibe not only sound great, but they also do a great job of translating the meaning behind it as well. It hits a sort of angsty vibe, both in sound and in lyrics. This track is the type of track that ends up being played on repeat, so you can feel every emotion that comes with it.

In honor of the upcoming Red-Orange EP, we wanted to do a quick little recap of some of the songs we enjoyed from the other Rainbow MixTape Eps! 

How It Feels
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‘You Are The Traffic’ 

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This song was the track that kicked off the Rainbow MixTape project. It managed to capture the Indigo-Violent EP mood perfectly. You know you’re iconic when you can capture the vibe of color in a song. The music video also gave us some serious MTV, early 2000s video nostalgia, which is always great. 

‘Sagittarius Superstar’ 

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COIN couldn’t have picked a better leading track for the Green-Blue EP! The music video is lighthearted and fun, and Faye Webster’s feature on the track takes it to new heights. 


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‘Sprite’ as a track is aptly named. It has a fuzzy (fizzy?) feel to it reminiscent of opening a can of Sprite, perhaps on a sunny day while you’re at the beach or next to a pool. It puts the vibrant, green sound in the Green-Blue EP, capturing the feeling of a specific color much like ‘You Are The Traffic.’ With summer approaching once again, this is one track that we know will be at the top of our playlists! 

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We’re so excited that ‘How It Feels’ is here because it means we’re one step closer to the Red-Orange EP! We can’t wait to have a complete Rainbow MixTape to jam out to, and we’re eagerly waiting to see what COIN has in store for us. 

What do you think of ‘How It Feels?’ Which color EP is your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments below, or come chat with us on Twitter over @TheHoneyPop


Featured Image Source: Paige Kindlick

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