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7 KAMILLE Songs That Your Playlist is in Need of

7 KAMILLE Songs That Your Playlist is in Need of

Some of you may know the queen that is KAMILLE, but pretty much all of you will be aware of some of her credited work. The London-based singer-songwriter has been a frequent collaborator on Little Mix tracks including the iconic ‘Power,’ ‘Shoutout To My Ex,’ ‘Strip,’ and ‘Holiday’ to name just a few. She’s also written on bangers such as Jax Jones‘s ‘Ring Ring,’ Clean Bandit, and Demi Lovato‘s ‘Solo,’ and most recently became a GRAMMY award winner for Best Pop Vocal Album for her work on Dua Lipa‘s Future Nostalgia. Now, while you’re bopping along to some of these hits, you need to start paying attention to KAMILLE’s music. They are literal smashes and undiscovered gems to many. But enough is enough, and we have decided to let you know about some of our absolute fave KAMILLE songs so you can start sleeping on a bed, not on her discography, thank you very much.

KAMILLE Songs For Your Playlist The Honey POP
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‘Mirror Mirror’

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This is the baddie anthem that everyone deserves in their life. Taking a modern twist on the famous Snow White and the Seven Dwarves quote, this banger is full of self-love and confidence intertwined with a sick club-friendly beat that you can lose yourself to on the dance floor. And the visuals for the music video are just incredible. Featuring a fierce fairytale aesthetic, KAMILLE looks like the kind of princess we want to be. She’s also accompanied by Jade Thirlwall and MNEK, and honestly? Name a better trio. We’ll wait.

‘AYO!’ ft S1mba

[apple_music_ad artist=”KAMILLE” song=”Ayo ft. S1mba”]

‘AYO’ kicked off a promising 2021 for KAMILLE as she teamed up with S1mba for these massive feel-good vibes that we just know will hit differently in the warmer weather. And sometimes it’s the spontaneous songs that go off the hardest, speaking about this track which was worked on during lockdown, KAMILLE said: “‘AYO’ was one of those songs that came together really quickly and organically…S1MBA and I were in the studio with Rymez who I love collaborating with, and we instantly jumped on the mic to lay down melodies. The whole song was there in about an hour! It’s got such a fun, infectious, and energetic kinda vibe, and S1MBA just took it to another level as always.”

‘Don’t Answer’ ft Wiley

[apple_music_ad artist=”KAMILLE” song=”Don’t Answer ft. Wiley”]

Got an ex you need to cut ties with? Then this is the anthem for you! In this RnB-infused pop banger, KAMILLE tells her former lover she’s done with them while Wiley raps from the lover’s POV. It’s a whole vibe, the best reminder that you are that b with or without someone in your life, and the sample of Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ is the cherry on top.

‘Love + Attention’

[apple_music_ad artist=”KAMILLE” song=”Love + Attention”]

‘Love + Attention’ is exactly what we give this song, and all of KAMILLE’s discography is deserving of it. This booty shaker of a libidinous beat is a call out to someone who you’re craving and is the perfect soundtrack to any thirst trap and truly has us feeling ourselves. Honestly, she truly makes music for your inner baddie, and we are living for it because our confidence improves dramatically when listening to songs like this!

‘Body’ ft Avelino

[apple_music_ad artist=”KAMILLE” song=”Body ft. Avelino”]

Taking a different direction from the other songs is the breathtaking ‘Body’ featuring Avelino with harmonizing vocals being the main instrument for the track. This song serves as a huge middle finger to superficial people and features close-ups of diverse bodies who don’t fit into the unrealistic expectations forced onto people from the likes of Hollywood, still showing how all bodies are beautiful bodies. The vocal work and music video are both works of perfection going hand in hand to tell an empowering story that more people need to hear, and we are honestly obsessed.

‘My Love’ – Dr Vades ft KAMILLE

[apple_music_ad artist=”Dr Vades” song=”My Love ft. KAMILLE”]

KAMILLE lends her vocals to this chilled hip hop bop from Dr Vades and is the perfect soundtrack to early relationships and days where you’re unwinding. Singing about how failed relationships don’t mean love is doomed, sharing hope for new beginnings. Also, an essential for any fluffy playlists you make about your crush, we 100% recommend.

‘Go Deep’ – with Gorgon City and Ghosted

[apple_music_ad artist=”Gorgon City, KAMILLE, Ghosted” song=”Go Deep”]

KAMILLE joined Gorgon City and Ghosted for this monster collab. The moody dance floor track is full of funky house vibes, rich in production, and sings romantic lyrics of deep love. It’s a true party banger that has us nostalgic of the days where we could be free, the pulsating beats made perfect for bass speakers and laser lights. Oh, and the underwater music video? Iconic.

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We have a whole lotta love for KAMILLE and truly think she’s gonna thrive as a solo artist in addition to her reigning success as a songwriter for our faves. It’s time to stan, honey bees before she makes it big time! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

KAMILLE Songs For Your Playlist The Honey POP
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Do you stan KAMILLE? What’s your fave song? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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