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Alanis Morissette And Us Are In The Same Boat About Missing Live Music

Alanis Morissette And Us Are In The Same Boat About Missing Live Music

We think it’s fair to say Alanis Morissette raised us. Her music was there when we were angsty scorned teenagers and helped us feel less alone. And if you have listened to Alanis’s discography lately, as we have, you’d know it’s all aged like a fine wine. As we get older and experience heartbreak and wrong ships more and more we relate deeper to her music and we just become bigger fans.

Like us, Alanis Morissette is using her art form to express how she’s felt the last year or so as we’ve been stuck inside and away from what we love most, live music. She took to music to pen the track ‘I Miss The Band,’ and it made us think of all the tracks of hers we simply can’t wait to hear once she’s able to retake the stage. We thought we’d share those with you and celebrate this new release!

And yes. Most of our choices are from Jagged Little Pill, but to be fair, it’s one of the best album of all time, and the hits are hits because they shaped a generation, and they deserve every bit of praise they’ve gotten.

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‘I Miss The Band’

Obviously, we had to put this new track on the list! Getting back on that stage, we can only imagine it being the most serotonin-filled time for Alanis Morissette, so singing this track that is all about how much she misses that feeling will be the best full-circle moment. We imagine that being the time in the show where we can all have a good cry and be fully relieved that live music is back in full swing and that we have some sense of normalcy again. The song is a giant love letter to the people Alanis Morissette tours with, and it’s just so bittersweet.

Get ‘I Miss The Band’ here!

‘Head Over Feet’

Every single time we turn this song on, it gets better and better. It perfectly describes the hopeless romantics like us who fall without caution. It’s an ode to those who are afraid to fall but do it anyway, time and time again. We oddly want this track played at our wedding. Come on, how incredible would dance to this track with your significant other be? It’s all about being won over and finding that person that makes you feel loved unconditionally. Honestly, if this can’t be involved in our ceremony, we don’t want it.

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This may just be the first song we ever scream cried the lyrics to. ‘Ironic’ is pure heartbreak, and we have to be biased and say we are so glad that Alanis Morissette was able to turn that into the most incredible art. For generations, this song will continue to be the soundtrack to the toughest times and late-night car rides with friends as you’re healing and just need to sing at the highest volume and let it all out. We can’t even imagine how incredible it will be when we’re able to catch it live. Even just the thought is giving us goosebumps.

‘Hand In My Pocket’

‘I’m young, and I’m underpaid’ is still a mood. This whole track is all about growth and that at the end of the day, everything will be okay. It’s about how complicated we as humans are and about how we have so many sides, and that it’s okay not to have it all figured out just yet. It’s been so helpful in our lives even all these years later. Indeed it proves how timeless Alanis Morissette and her music will always be.

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‘You Oughta Know’

Without a doubt, this is the most badass song of all time. If you are ever feeling down, just put on this track. You will instantly be able just to get out all that anger and scream these words. It’s therapeutic. No song in the world sounds better at max volume than this one. It’s just facts. We will genuinely know happiness when we get to scream this track at a sold-out show. And get to live out every teenage dream we ever had.

And yes, the entire time we were writing about this track, we were thinking about that scene from The Office when Kevin Malone sang this Alanis Morissette classic on karaoke.

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Outside of releasing heartfelt tributes to life on the road, Alanis Morissette is joining up with Backline, a non-profit, to raise awareness and donations for mental health in the music industry! We cover so much music that focuses on mental health and the struggles that artists are going through, so we feel this is a fundamental cause! If you have a moment, consider checking it out here!

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite song by Alanis Morissette? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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