Alfa Mist Surfs With Jazzy Vibes On New Single ‘Teki’

Alfa Mist Surfs With Jazzy Vibes On New Single ‘Teki’

Life is so short. Need some time to rest and enjoy dreamy vibes? Well, we got the right music for you with London’s Alfa Mist, who announced the release of his fourth album, Bring Backs, due to be out next Friday. While waiting for it, the multi-instrumentalist drops ‘Teki.’ Guess this gorgeous piece will keep you patient till then.

Set Your Calendar

Shake yourself a dry martini and dim your living room lights. Enjoy the smooth jazzy vibes of Alfa Mist for one night only. On April 22nd, a day before Brings Back release, he’ll take the iconic Metropolis studios with a full band. Like the greatest stars of this world, he’ll open the door to a world filled with legends from the music industry. Madonna, Paul McCartney, and more recently Zayn (for his outstanding first album Mind of Mine) and The Snuts stepped on the floor or this mythic place. Be prepared for a performance full of ambient tones, samples, and musical improvisations. You will be able to tune in here on the broadcast day. Why not celebrate with a solo taster? Watch Alfa Mist ‘Organic Rust’ performance in partnership with COLORS here.

Look At The Sky

Relax, sit tight and float into the six-minute escape called Alfa Mist’s new song ‘Teki.’ It hit us like a spell, the melody mesmerizing us from the start. With the instrumental thrives of the whole space, we are instantly hooked to the strings, brass, and the guitar riff electrifying solo. The music speaks for itself. The song is a calm bus journey through Barking in North East London, where we look at the cloudy skies. Watch the dazzling visuals below.

Like what you heard so far? Preorder Brings Back here. Or you may want to witness this incredible artist live? Tickets for Alfa Mist’s UK tour are available here. Want to tell us about your journey today? Let us know what’s on your playlist @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook or Instagram.

More brass, less quiet? We got this for you!


Featured Image Source: Johny Pitts

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