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CHVRCHES Tackles Double Standards On New Single!

CHVRCHES Tackles Double Standards On New Single!

CHV4 is coming, and we are so excited! The whole album release date is still to confirm, but we are so overwhelmed to hear that new track from CHVRCHES, ‘He Said She Said’, nearly three years after the beautiful Love Is Dead.

Introspective Recordings

Last year, CHVRCHES planned to record all together in the studio some new fantastic tracks. The Glasgow trio had, unfortunately, to change their plans. Just like us. No travels, stay-at-home orders, how can we continue to create? Like many artists and bands from all across the world, it was a harsh new reality for the industry. From performing to recordings and connecting to their fanbase, exchanging files, emails, and writing through video calls, the band hadn’t it easy. Timezones, how we loathe them, both Lauren Mayberry and Martin Doherty are in Los Angeles while Lain Cook is in Glasgow, so the hour gap is so big when you want to catch up! CHVRCHES, through the difficulties, taking time to reflect on their work and themselves, and finally achieve their goal to offer us this masterpiece.

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A Scream For Change!

Lauren Mayberry and her CHVRCHES gang have time to reflect on the past and present while on lockdown. Like the rest of us, we guess! They wrote ‘He Said She Said’ remotely from both sides of the Atlantic out of boredom. “Be sad but don’t be depressed/Just think it over, over, and he said it’s all in your head,” Lauren, the Scottish queen, starts in the first verse. “Get drunk but don’t be a mess” or “You need to be fed/But keep an eye on your waistline.” Being a woman is tiring, with all the prejudices of the world. There is always a need for some changes, and on ‘He Said She Said,’ it’s a genuine scream for help. Verbal abuse, physical control, and not being taken seriously, many issues that affect women right now, and it has to stop. Let’s unite!

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A Flashback In Time!

On ‘He Said She Said,’ CHVRCHES explores the musical territories they cherish and that we know from their previous records, The Bones Of What You Believe, Every Open Eye, and Love Is Dead. The eighties are very omnipresent, with that powerful synthpop, between Depeche Mode, OMD, and Duran Duran. Get your hairspray done, dance till the night away, and shout all your anger! Sway into a vaporous rhythmic voyage! Love spreads through the space-like electronic loops and contagious melody. Listen to the vibrant new song here.

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