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DAY6’s Latest Comeback Is Here To Heal You

DAY6’s Latest Comeback Is Here To Heal You

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It’s official, DAY6’s latest comeback is here for us to enjoy and cherish!

In 2019, DAY6 started a brand new series called The Book of Us. After Gravity, EntropyThe Demon, and Gluon, the series ends with DAY6′ latest comeback: Negentropy – Chaos swallowed up in love. With ‘You Make Me’ as a title track, this mini-album sets order where was once there was chaos, with a common theme of love all throughout the album. 

DAY6 have always been good at setting a mood in their albums and creating a whole universe with their music, and this one is no exception at all.

Source: JYP Entertainment via DAY6’s official Twitter account (@day6official)

First of all, let’s talk about the masterpiece that is the title track: ‘You make Me.’

This song is very different from every title track from The Book of Us series, but also from every title track DAY6 has ever made – and yet it feels familiar and like the most DAY6 song ever. ‘You make Me’ is an emotional song, yet it’s full of love and hope, like most of the songs in the album. It sums up perfectly what Negentropy – Chaos swallowed up in love has to offer: emotion, heartfelt lyrics, incredible and unique vocals, as well as an addicting instrumental. With a soft yet powerful melody, ‘You make Me’ sets the perfect mood for a spring love song, and the song sounds way sadder than it actually is as the lyrics talk about overcoming challenges thanks to a loved one. One thing that is worth highlighting is that heartfelt and emotional bridge as the chorus slows down and gives way for Wonpil’s outstanding vocals.

The music video follows the day of a couple, showing suffering as well as happiness. And that’s what this song and this album are all about: hoping to be able to go through trials with someone. These aren’t your typical love songs that paint love as the one way to find happiness. It doesn’t take love as the absolute reason to be happy, but more as a source of strength and hope, taking into account all the ups and downs of a relationship.

The album opens up with ‘everyday we fight,’ a track about being comfortable enough with someone to fight, becoming closer and stronger. It’s a song full of hope even though the theme of it doesn’t seem that bright, and it’s the perfect track to open up with leading to ‘You make Me.’

‘Healer’ is a song that mixes the disco genre with rock sounds creating this fun and addicting feel-good track. Listening to this song literally makes you feel like it’s healing your soul – no exaggeration. Meanwhile, the following track, ‘Only,’ is a slower and more vibey song about true love, that feels like a spring carol. This song almost feels soulful, and the bass line sounds incredible all throughout. On the other hand, ‘ONE’ is like an anthem that fills you with hope as the song talks about how together we can overcome everything.

Now all these songs talk about love in a more bright and cheerful light, but songs like ‘above the clouds’ and the closing track, ‘so let’s love,’ reflect a more obscure and melancholic part of love. ‘above the clouds’ is a beautiful but heartbreaking song about mourning the loss of someone and hoping they’re better wherever they are while remembering only the good moments. The instrumental of the song feels hopeful and at the same time full of nostalgia. And Sungjin’s raspy voice in the bridge fits just ties all the emotion together.

Source: JYP Entertainment via DAY6’s official Twitter account (@day6official)

Negentropy, an album with the concept of finding order in the chaos through love, ends with ‘so let’s love’ – a track about the conflicts and wounds of a relationship, as well as the intention to try again. It’s a calmer yet emotional song that feels very vulnerable and it ties perfectly the album while leaving you with the need to start the album all over again. It sums up perfectly the overall feeling of this album with a calmer and more hopeful sound, being the exact opposite of Entropy.

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DAY6 wrapped up this series beautifully and we couldn’t have asked for a better concept and better songs. With their amazing lyricism, as well as, their unique vocals and their skills on their respective instruments, needless to say, that DAY6 delivered the perfect missing piece in The Book of Us series marking the end of a cycle. With it, they proved once again the incredible talent each one of the members has. Through this series, DAY6 created an incredible journey and closed it off in this comeback with the message that there can be order in chaos.

Source: JYP Entertainment via DAY6’s official Twitter account (@day6official)

What did you think of DAY6’s comeback? What was your favorite song on The Book of Us: Negentropy – Chaos swallowed? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured image source: JYP Entertainment via DAY6’s official Twitter account (@day6official)

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