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Evanescence May Be ‘Better Without You,’ But We’re Better With Them, Live!

Evanescence May Be ‘Better Without You,’ But We’re Better With Them, Live!

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Okay, we’ve finally recovered enough from their newest album, The Bitter Truth, to talk about it, so here we go with our very scientific analysis… Evanescence slaps just as hard in 2021, as they did in the 2000s. The Bitter Truth is heavy, it’s dark and screaming with emotion, and it’s developed, yet familiar. While Evanescence has continued to progress their sound through the years, we still can’t help but feel dark nostalgia with this new album.

We are transported right back to 2003 when Fallen was blaring through our 3rd generation classic iPod, and we were filled with teenage angst, with studs adorning basically every item of black clothing we owned. One member of The Honey POP family even wrote a high school essay on Amy Lee in 2006! Another may or may not have tried to sing My Immortal at their high school talent show in 2003, and well, we’ll leave it to your imagination to decide how that went… You can order and stream The Bitter Truth, right here.

‘Better Without You’

Track 7 of the new album, ‘Better Without You‘, boasts the heavy yet haunting mood that we know and love from Evanescence. It’s giving us ‘Bring Me To Life’ vibes, with the heaviness that makes you feel your heartbeat in your chest, and feel the bass tingling through the soles of your feet. We absolutely lost it when we found out it was becoming a single! And it’s here! And that’s not all, our little goth besties, there’s a music video too! It’s the kind of on-brand dark music video that makes us realize we’ve been clenching our stomach muscles for the duration. And we are so here for it!

Shaping The Genre For 23 Years

Twenty-three years after their 1998 self-titled EP, Evanescence is still managing to reach in and grab our souls with their music. They have been defining and trailblazing the genre, for longer than some of us have been alive. How’s that for longevity and impact? “What genre?” we hear you ask… erm, that’s a bit controversial. For years, fans have argued on what genre of music Evanescence stands in. Is it hard rock? Is it metal? Is it gothic metal? Their arsenal of songs and sounds means placing Evanescence into one genre is about as easy as tickling a wasp. But we had a meeting, and we’re siding with Rolling Stone magazine on this one, with their definition of gothic metal! To be honest, in our eyes, Evanescence isn’t just a band, it’s a genre in its own right, but all we know is, whatever you want to call this genre, it just slaps. Hard. And it has been for the last 23 years.

Go and put your eyeliner on, it’s time for a live-stream!

It’s happening. It’s really happening. We’re going to see Evanescence live! Our little goth simp hearts can’t take this. On May 13th at 8 pm CT, Gothic Rock’s most influential band, will be coming to our homes, live, for a free live-stream concert! If that’s not ridiculously cool enough for you, wait… there’s more. It’s being hosted by Alice Cooper! Excuse us? We are absolutely losing our minds. Evanescence has partnered with CooperTire for the Driven To Perform Concert. We’re digging out our black nail polish as we speak. Plus, we all get to vote on which band will open the show! You can register for the live-stream and vote for the opening act, right here! You can also watch on the official Evanescence Facebook page, linked below. We’ll see you there, plus don’t forget to come straight over to The Honey POP, to share in our post-concert fatigue!

Check out lead singer and just all-round gothic powerhouse Amy Lee, chatting about this live-stream concert, on the official Evanescence Instagram:

And because we’re such lovely people, we’re chucking in a past Evanescence live performance, to really get your blood pumping! Here’s the 2010 live performance of ‘Everybody’s Fool.’

We are absolutely loving The Bitter Truth, and the new music video for ‘Better Without You’ is incredible, although our neighbors may be less than happy with us blasting it through the walls! Sorry Jan, but we can’t help it, we’re on ‘Cloud Nine’ with this new album, and after hearing it, we can ‘Never Go Back.’ Maybe the raw talent of Amy Lee is ‘Wasted On You’… Next time we’ll try and ‘Whisper,’ and we’ll hope that’s ‘Good Enough.’ Okay, we’ll stop now, we promise that’s all the Evanescence song puns we can squeeze in! We can’t wait for the live-stream gig, and we can’t wait to see you all there!

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We want to know your nostalgic memories of Evanescence! Plus, what song from The Bitter Truth are you most excited to hear live? Come and chat to us in the comments, or by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook.

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