Jacob or Edward? No, we want Tessa Violet and lovelytheband!

Jacob or Edward? No, we want Tessa Violet and lovelytheband!

Tessa Violet and lovelytheband don’t want to play ‘Games’ with how iconic they are! They always find a way to be the best at what they do, and their latest music video is not the exception!

As the first release of Tessa’s in 2021, ‘Games’ is a fantastic song that she decided to release again with the help of one of our favorite bands, lovelytheband! We were obsessed with both of their voices, but after the video’s release, we are addicted to it!

Surprise Shawty!

Just two seconds into the video, we were all screaming! Tessa Violet made all of us jump out of our chairs when we saw her wearing the iconic Twilight baseball outfit, letting us know from that second that this video would be iconic! The singer recreated the scene that we all know and love from the movie, Twilight, and we couldn’t be happier with her choice!

And let’s not ignore how much fun it was to see the extra scene with Peter Facinelli, aka Carlisle Cullen from the movie Twilight, which made us laugh so much that our stomach started hurting. We weren’t expecting him to appear, and our neighbors are now very aware of that. We screamed when we saw him! Sorry that we scared you Mom, but we are not okay! During the whole video, we were feeling a mix of emotions. Tessa Violet & lovelytheband sure know how to make something iconic!

Just I-co-nic!

We were amazed by the amazing outfits they were wearing. Not to mention that we all love the iconic Twilight recreation, but we also loved how lovelytheband chose their wardrobe! The outfits were just so cool with the combination of leather jackets! And what we all love the most was Jordan Greenwald’s white fluffy jacket! We need it ASAP! We loved the combination of worlds and how well they collided in the music video!

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Wait! That’s Not All!

Tessa Violet has just announced an upcoming exclusive event that will take place on May 12th & 13th in celebration of her album, Bad Ideas! We won’t miss the phenomenal experience Tessa is preparing for us! And we know you don’t want to miss it too.

Check out more about the event HERE!

Image Source: Natasha Telly

Did you love the video as much as us? Tell us everything in the comments, and don’t forget to reach us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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