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Julia Michaels Is Changing The Chronological Order

Julia Michaels Is Changing The Chronological Order

The woman that has captured all of us with her beautiful voice and personality has finally granted our wishes.  We are going to be amazed by Not In Chronological Order, the debut album of our Grammy nominated queen Julia Michaels!

It Is Julia Michaels’ Supremacy Y’all

Julia Michaels has shown us the power of her voice with previous releases and collaborations with huge artists, showing us that she is one in a million. She has surprised us with her upcoming album that we already know will be one of the best releases this year!

Not In Chronological Order will come to us on April 30th. Let’s set our reminders for the date cause we don’t want to miss the release of what Julia Michaels has been building for a year! The album will be a love and heartbreak theme album, and being hesitant about being in love.

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Julia, around the years, has shown us that her lyrical power is enormous, and we can´t wait to hear what she wrote. Even though some of us haven´t been in love or through a heartbreak, her songs are something that we can relate to a lot. And please, let´s be honest, we love to carpool karaoke every song Queen J has released. It is something we need to do with our besties. It has never been in doubt.

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We Can’t Argue With The Phrase ‘Love Is Weird’

Wait, everyone! Cause the release date was not the only thing that Julia surprised us with! This gorgeous and talented woman gave us a little new sneak peek to make company to her previous release, which both will be on the album. Julia Michaels released ‘Love is Weird,’ and we are in love with it!

The song is a beautiful ballad that talks about how love is, how we don’t get how it works and all the things we do for it, like saving our ex’s letters or how we could be so happy with someone and the next minute we could be crying our eyes out for that person… Wow, it is crazy how much we can relate to this.

Also, Michaels released a lyrics music video that we are obsessed with. The aesthetic used in the video is just fantastic! We loved to see our queen play with the balloons and posters where the lyrics were displayed. The video is iconic, and we can’t wait to see what she is preparing for the rest of the album! We are too excited!

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We can’t wait to listen to the new album that Julia Michaels is preparing for us! Let us know your thoughts on the album and her latest songs in the comments area! Don’t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter, at @TheHoneyPop.

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