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Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Morat!

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Morat!

Juan Pablo Isaza, Juan Pablo Villamil, Simón, and Martín Vargas are the four guys that makeup Morat, the band who completely changed the game, for Latin Music! Morat has been the band that, for 10 years, have conquered the music industry, and they are unstoppable!

Morat are just it! We have nothing else to say. Jokes. This Colombian band stole all of our hearts with their amazing music and their beautiful personalities. We are Morat obsessed here at THP HQ! You haven´t heard of Morat? Don´t worry cause we got you! These are the 5 reasons why you should stan them!

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1. They Make The Perfect Melodies For Us

Since Morat released their first album Sobre El Amor Y Sus Efectos Secundarios, aka: about love and its secondary effects, they stole our hearts with their beautiful songs. With songs such as ‘Mil Tormentas’ and ‘Aprender a Quererte’, they made us realize that love is written in a language that Morat understands, and they put it in songs that just make us cry and dance!

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The way they portrait and explain the process of being in love, from the first time you see someone until you face the heartbreak, is just amazing! They are walking with us through the path of love and we couldn´t be more thankful for that. And let´s not ignore how beautiful and iconic their sound is! Every time you hear the first two seconds of one of their songs, you totally recognize that Morat is about to play, making you feel a rush of happiness in your body.

Listen to Sobre El Amor Y Sus Efectos Secundarios HERE !

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And that´s not all folks! Morat is still continuing to give us masterpieces that we are all addicted to. We still haven´t processed their second album Balas Perdidas, aka lost bullets, which in our opinion, should be considered of the 7 wonders of the world, cause this album is just what we needed in our lives. Continuing to help us through the rough and weird path of love, the band brought us songs that we just can´t stop listening to. They truly know how to make us fall in love with their music!

Listen to Balas Perdidas HERE !

We made a special playlist for you with some of our favorite tracks of Morat! Go check it out!

4. Their Brotherhood is just *chef kiss*

The four band mates have known each other since their childhood, so we can say that we are stanning four brothers that are doing what they are most passionate about! Thanks to the long history they have, their chemistry on and off stage is something we all love! The way they are funny, drama queens, and sassy with each other is really funny. And we adore it when, with the help of fans, they tease eachother and make us part of the Moratdvenures that we really enjoy. They were meant to be a band!

3. We are taken into another world in their live performances!

Live music is the specialty of Morat! Every show they made is something special and they make sure that each one is special! They really make you jump and scream with them, and we go soft for the “Ooohs” in every song! We can say that we are witnesses of their talent on stage, and it is amazing!

At the same time, the four guys let you listen to great love advice that they give in between songs. They remind you what their lyrics talk about, but they make sure that you enjoy each and every minute of the concert… Morat blows your mind every time they put a foot on stage. It’s something you can´t really miss.

We want so badly to see Morat on stage again, but the four guys have created the perfect quarantine gift for us! They have partnered with Amazon Prime to bring the Balas Perdidas Tour, to our homes!

Watch it HERE !

4. They are the voice of the Latin Music!

From the moment we heard their most famous track ‘Como Te Atreves’ for the first time, we knew that they were something special! For years, Morat has shown the world that their unique folk-pop style is something that was missing in the world. The four guys have brought a sound that was being slowly disappearing through the years, but they make sure to bring it back in their own style.

Having collaborations with big stars from the Spanish-speaking music industry, such as Alejandro Fernández, Bacilos, Álvaro Soler, Reik, Juanes, Sebastián Yatra, and many many others, they have shown how powerful their voices are. Also, their music has completely changed the Latin world! With just listening to three seconds of any of their songs, everyone recognizes them quickly. And mostly at the clubs! People get crazy when the beat drops, and we hear the first verse of their song ‘Como Te Atreves’! The power that one song holds is mind-blowing!

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5. Winners of best relationship with fans

Morat has always found a way to connect with their fans, or as they call themselves, enamoratas. They are always looking out for us and finding ways to make us feel part of their lives. Every time there´s a chance for them to interact with us, they without a doubt take it. And they make you feel like all-time friends when you are talking to them.

They love to make fans part of the important decisions or projects they are making, so they are always asking for help or support from fans to create new things. Like it was with their music video ‘Nunca Te Olvidé’. The band wanted the fans to be part of it, so they asked us to submit videos and photos that were part of the beautiful music video!

They are always so nice to us and that makes us love them even more than we are already. They are just great people with big hearts that make us feel part of the small family they have. And Morat tries to remind us of that at every opportunity. We love you guys!

Morat has become one of our favorite bands from around the world, and we know they will be yours after getting to know them and their music more! Tell us what you think about these four guys and tell us your favorite song of the band, in the comments! Don´t forget to reach us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Joe Gomez via Morat´s Instagram

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