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Lord Huron’s New Album ‘Long Lost’ Is Rising On the Dusty Horizon

Lord Huron’s New Album ‘Long Lost’ Is Rising On the Dusty Horizon

Pausing at the riverside, our weary horses sip from the Spotify streams – and Lord Huron’s new album Long Lost is rising on the dusty horizon ahead! Judging by the sun, the moon, and the stars above, the American indie-folk band will release its fourth full-length studio album on May 21st. Their latest single, title track ‘Long Lost’ is like a sewn quilt in the saddlebag – scraps of sound you’ve known your whole life, kindly made into something you’ve never heard.

The New Single – ‘Long Lost’

Lord Huron via YouTube

Tipping their hats to a gentle country-western influence, these new-age crooners have formulated a brand new genre, which will be affectionately referred to as ‘non-nostalgia‘. Shivering tambourines, gracious acoustic guitars, and a long-winded string section make sure the listeners settle at the fireside before the story begins. Lead vocalist Ben Schneider serenades like a warm flame; bright and flickering, he emulates the calmness and safety of an indie-folk Bob Ross.

The Complete Non-Nostalgic Collection

Lord Huron via YouTube

Did you catch a glance of that man on the phone, right after their Jimmy Kimmel Live! introduction? That there is Mr. Tubbs Tarbell – he’s either some type of producer, songwriter or maybe an aesthetic muse for the band. He penned an animated open letter to the Lord Huron subreddit, explaining how the songs were recorded, drunken with the magic of Whispering Pines Studios, and his discovery of the dusty, floor-strewn vinyl record Long Lost the following day.

Lord Huron via YouTube

Tubbs affectionately describes this surf-friendly sleeper single as “a real sunset of a song.” In his letter, he even claims that the song was such a “heart-renderer” that a serendipitous female choir appeared out of the floorboards, clapping and humming. Whatever manifested at Wandering Pines – Lord Huron hit ‘record,’ and they captured this track like a batch of tumbling waves.

The Magic of Whispering Pines – ‘The Night We Met’

Lord Huron via YouTube

You may have actually heard this one before! The band recorded their most-streamed song, ‘The Night We Met‘, in a string-laden dedication to long-lost moments in time. Though he’s probably an actual ghost, Tubbs lets listeners know that there’s something phosphorescent in the folklore of that forest. That’s very easy to believe once Schneider starts to sing. Break your heart here, and stitch it back up with Long Lost on May 21.

When you see Lord Huron’s new album Long Lost is rising on the dusty horizon – what’s your reaction? Do you prefer the fuzzy non-nostalgia of ‘Not Dead Yet’ or ‘Mine Forever’? Do you think Tubbs Tarbell will haunt every single person that presses play? Let us know in the comment section below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: ‘Mine Forever’ Single Artwork by Ben Schneider

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