Reaching Out About #1HotNewBand Hot Mulligan

Reaching Out About #1HotNewBand Hot Mulligan

Sup? THP Here, reaching out about the #1HotNewBand Hot Mulligan and their New EP I Won’t Reach Out To You hitting shelves near you May 28th.

Springtime is always great for the revival of pop-punk, and after a long winter, we’re more than ready for its restoration. Only making sense of our madness, the band also delivered a slick new track for fans to get down to.

After delivering one of our favorite LPs of 2020, the band, like many others, wasn’t able to give us a tour. Leaving lots of time for these dudes to make six brand new tracks to trip over. The new EP (pre-order here) will serve as a response to their 2020 full length. Reflecting back to a world that doesn’t work that way anymore. While we wait impatiently for the enatic EP to drop, we’re going to pass the time telling you Hot Mulligan’s hottest tracks to tune-out time. Of course, we’re kicking off with the new release. Not just our favorite move on Tony Hawk Pro Skater, but the title to Hot Mulligan’s latest track, ‘Pop Shuvit (Hall Of Meat, Duh)’ is everything we could’ve hoped for.

Hot Mulligan – ‘Pop Shuvit (Hall Of Meat, Duh)’

Bound to bob your head to, this brand new track is definitely one you want to spend some time with. Bouncy and brilliant, it’s got us untimely hype for the EP in May.

Hot Mulligan – ‘The Soundtrack To Missing A Slam Dunk’

A right of passage to the present pop-punk community, this one is a necessity. Sure, this entire album is kick-ass, but we couldn’t add them all.

Hot Mulligan – ‘BCKYRD’

We’ve already said that this album was something super special, so it’s no surprise you’ll find a couple of tracks of this record in this list. ‘BCKYRD’ is here because it is pure punk pop precision. The signature yell-y vocals have us dreaming for the day we get to hear it live.

Hot Mulligan – ‘Shaylee, Shanel’

Committing to the rolling jokes on Twitter, it’s pretty clear we probably won’t ever get to see this one live. So we’ll celebrate the treasure that is this track. This song really is one for the simps.

Hot Mulligan – ‘Analog Fade (New Blue Sky)’

Underrated to the core, this track ended up being one of our favorites from this record. Showcasing their softer side, we love the honest vulnerability in the vocals and lyrics.

Hot Mulligan – ‘Dary’

Whatever, call us basic, but this song rules! A part of practically all our playlist, it just hits every single time.

Hot Mulligan – ‘I Fell in Love With Princess Peach’

Another song for the simps, in our opinion anyway. Raw, real, and relatable.

There you have it. Endless entertainment while you wait for more magnificent emo-punk-perfection, as we’ve given you a playlist worth pawing over. But don’t forget to pre-save or pre-order I Won’t Reach Out To You on where ever you fancy a stream!

Let us know if we’ve included your favorite tracks or which ones you think we’re missing by commenting down below or giving us a shout on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram

Buzz over here for more tunes!


Featured Image Source: Michael Herrick

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