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Wolf Alice Asks You to ‘Smile’ on New Single

Wolf Alice Asks You to ‘Smile’ on New Single

Ready for some rock’n’roll? You are going to be served with that brilliant new track from prestigious Mercury Prize winner Wolf Alice. The quartet from London makes their way to another stunning release, gearing up for Blue Weekend, their eagerly-awaited record, due June 11th on Dirty Hit label. Grab your headphones and ‘Smile’! The new smash-hit is finally here!

The Royals of Indie-Rock!

We first came across Wolf Alice on their My Love Is Cool era. Season 2 of The Royals anyone? When princess Eleanor was clubbing and we heard the infectious riffs of ‘You’re A Germ’, we instantly fell in love. The band kept our attention throughout the year, evolving from the big stadium rock steps to the melancholic gems. In 2018, the four-piece snatched the Mercury Prize for Visions Of A Life, a huge win for the indie-rockers! Since then, they worked on the follow-up, Blue Weekend, and they still prove they are the new kings and queens of rock! From the delicate shoegaze piece ‘Last Man On Earth’ to the shiny new single ‘Smile’, their music is timeless.

Image source: Jordan Hemingway

Put a ‘Smile’ on your face!

Forget the piano and emotional delicacies from ‘Last Man On Earth’. Get ready for a raw energy number! Jump around in the mosh pit (virtually of course) and feel the strong guitar psychedelic riffs in your veins. Lyrically fulfilled with anger. Girls are not cute or puppets on a string. They are humans and know what they want!

If you want me you can find me at the bar/ Lost souls congregate at the bar/Take a minute and remember who you are /Sip your drink, sip one more and you’re a star” sings Ellie Rowsell on the ‘Smile’ bridge, with that explosive production of Markus Rav (Coldplay, Björk, Mumford and Sons). Once we enjoyed Ellie’s soft and powerful high notes, now it’s time for the punk riot girl era from the first album, with her spoken-word whispers and addictive rhymes. Let’s scream and shout, letting go of the bad vibes, let’s just ‘Smile’ and dance!

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Missing The “Live” Feeling

“This is one of the songs we wrote thinking that we would play it live. I miss that feeling of singing on stage. It’s like screaming into a pillow or something — you can get away with being more nasty. There’s a whole other part of me missing.”

Ellie Rowsell explains ‘Smile’

We totally agree. It’s been more than a year without live shows and we feel bored! It’s coming back soon though with all these pilot gigs across the UK with attendance. Let’s be ready to rock with Wolf Alice in January 2022. Be quick! Lots of these shows are sold out, but some tickets are remaining here for the extra dates!

Image Source: Jordan Hemingway

Keep your eyes peeled for more Wolf Alice in the next couple of months. Preorder Blue Weekend in your favourite format with cool goodies now on the band’s website. While at it, enjoy the new fuzzy track video here.

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Featured Image Source: Jordan Hemingway

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