What’s Up With 22? 22 vs. Earth Has The Answer!

What’s Up With 22? 22 vs. Earth Has The Answer!

Disney fans across the globe fell in love with Disney’s Soul last year. Following the story of jazz teacher Joe Gardner, Soul took us on a heartwarming journey of jazz, music, and figuring out what you want from life. It was something that a lot of us could resonate with, and it made the film a big hit. In addition to finding comfort in Joe Gardner’s journey, fans also fell in love with the sassy, cynical, and somewhat irritable, 22. 22 was one of the souls in The Great Before who refused to go to Earth, eventually ending up there with Joe’s help. The newest Disney+ short 22 vs. Earth is going to explore more of 22’s character, and we can’t wait! If you haven’t seen Soul yet, it’s available to watch on Disney+!

22 vs. Earth
Image Source: Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

We don’t know much about why 22 is so cynical, except for what we saw in Soul, but 22 vs. Earth will hopefully answer more questions for us! Based on that first look image, it looks like 22 is going to recruit some fellow souls in whatever shenanigans she’s getting up to! 22 vs. Earth takes place before the events of Soul, so we get to see what happened to turn 22 into the character we all love. Tina Fey will be reprising her role as the cynical soul once again, which is even better! You’ll be able to stream the short on Disney+ starting April 30th.

We’re super excited to watch 22 vs. Earth, what about you? What do you think 22 has planned? Let us know in the comments below, or come chat with us on Twitter over @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios

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