Pom Pom Squad Has A New Album On The Way!

Pom Pom Squad Has A New Album On The Way!

You all better start cheering right now if you like rock! Why? Because Pom Pom Squad recently announced their new album, Death Of A Cheerleader, coming on June 25. From the beautiful New York City, the band started as a solo project by front-woman Mia Berrin in 2015. Two years later, she had a full band with her in the form of Shelby Keller (drums), Mari Alé Figeman (bass), and Alex Mercuri (guitar).

So far, three of the 14 songs on Death Of A Cheerleader have been released as singles. Those being: ‘Crimson + Clover,’ ‘Lux’ and the most recent one, ‘Head Cheerleader’. And if you’re a film nerd like us, you may be thinking, “why do some of these names sound familiar?” Well, it’s because ‘Lux’ is the main character in The Virgin Suicides (2000) and ‘Head Cheerleader’ and Death Of A Cheerleader are supposed to remind you of the movie But I’m A Cheerleader (1999), but in a “we’re handling the subject differently from the movie” kind of way.

Seriously, look at these masterpieces!

Even the visuals for both music videos were inspired by each movie. ‘Lux’ is very 70s and mysterious. The band even went as far as reproducing the opening shot of the trailer at the beginning of the video. We love these little references!

On the other hand, ‘Head Cheerleader’ is very much an all 90s teen movie, but while But I’m A Cheerleader has a very comedic tone, this video has a much more serious overall energy.

And this is just what we’ve got from Pom Pom Squad so far! Who knows what else they’ve got cooking until June 25 rolls around. Whatever it is, we can all be sure of this much: it’ll be awesome, and it’ll find a place in at least some of our playlists.

cat dancing

Do you see now why we’re so excited for June 25? Have we convinced you to be excited as well? Tell us in the comments, or come chat with us on Twitter, @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Sammy Ray

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