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Sports Team Feels ‘Happy (In God’s Own Country)’

Sports Team Feels ‘Happy (In God’s Own Country)’

Who almost ousted Lady Gaga’s Chromatica as the number one album in the UK? Memorize their name! It was Sports Team. They were so close to the top with their indie-rock banger Deep Down Happy last summer! So let’s jump everywhere now, as the sensational London six-piece is back with a new single ‘Happy (God’s Own Country)’ and other announcements this week.

Sharp Post-Punk!

Fast riffs, big drum bangs, and energetic stomps are Sports Team’s unmistakable signature. ‘Happy (God’s Own Country)’ is melting the sarcastic and typical British humour aesthetic. As Blur once said, Modern Life Is Rubbish. The London band slides into these dark and bright contrasting rhythms, creating a lyrical satire of Britain’s politics and lockdown measures. “So do what I say/Not what I do/Blood on their hands does not run blue” Alex Rice sings blatantly, challenging listeners to give thought to the last year of restrictions. We hear a lot of Mark E. Smith and The Fall influences in this track, and it’s absolutely stunning!

Sports    Team
Image source: Terrence Blakely

Time For Joy!

Let’s celebrate! The band is not only giving us that new single ‘Happy (God’s Own Country)’, but they also announced the rescheduled tour and a new vinyl release. Who’s excited? Ask your UK friend to get you that piece of art at any independent retailer in the country or order online, if possible, because you wouldn’t want to miss that exclusive. B-sides & Rarities Vinyl, Plant Press 12” is coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

Country House

Always wanted to live in the countryside? Explore the good and bad sides of it with ‘Happy (God’s Own Country)’ visuals inspired by Birmingham pop collage artist Christopher Spencer, aka Cold War Steve. Enjoy the green fields and enter a world between paganism and The Wickerman horror movie universe. We won’t give too much away, butseeing the reactions of the people opening their cottage doors, to find Sports Team’s band members, was epic! It’s a full representation of all the frustrations we live these days and the band shows it amusingly.

Stream the attractive rock track on your favorite app here. We guess you’ll listen to it non-stop just like us! While you’re at it, grab your copy of their Mercury Prize nominee album Deep Down Happy, here, it’s a guaranteed hit! If you are a lucky UK resident, we urge you to catch their energy-fuelled sets live this fall! Find ticket details and tour dates on Sports Team’s website. Wanna have a small teaser on how they smash it live? Watch their Sunday Brunch performance at a very empty The Oval cricket ground in London!

What’s the thing that makes you happy the most right now? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @thehoneypop, Facebook or Instagram. In need of more fierce tracks? We got you covered!

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