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Take Your Time And Watch Our Favorite Harry Hudson Music Videos!

Take Your Time And Watch Our Favorite Harry Hudson Music Videos!

If you aren’t familiar with Harry Hudson, allow us to introduce your next musical obsession. Harry is a singer-songwriter who is so honest with his music. You can tell the lyrics come from the heart and come from someone who has experienced a lot of life in his time. Aside from music, he’s also an activist and has recently been the charging force behind the completion of the Hey, I’m Here For You Teen Lounge at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The lounge acts as a place for teens to hang out as they are undergoing isolated treatment. Learning what a stellar person he is behind the incredible music makes us stan Harry Hudson even harder! 

There are few things we love more than incredible visuals that match with incredible songs. Harry Hudson is a pro at this! All of his music videos have been so spot on with the tracks- it’s crazy. He has just released his video for a track called ‘Take My Time,’ and it inspired us to gush over all of our favorites with you guys!

Harry Hudson in front of water
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‘Take My Time’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Harry Hudson” song=”Take My Time”]

Firstly, we need that bike- ASAP. We are huge Autumn lovers, it’s the best season, and this video perfectly encapsulates that vibe. The bright shades of blue playing against the warm tones just line up so seamlessly, and we can’t get enough of this color scheme. The track is the latest single from Harry’s album, Hey, I’m Here For You (which is an incredible album, check it out here), and has to be a favorite of ours from the record. And yes, we are headed to dance in an empty street as we type this. 

‘Mean To Love’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Harry Hudson” song=”Mean To Love”]

Everything about this video is perfect. It’s probably the video on this list that best fits the vibe of the track, and let us tell you, we are simply obsessed. The warm colors it’s giving us feels like a warm hug. And the scenery shots make us want to find the nearest river or canyon and appreciate mother nature’s beauty. Are we the only ones getting a bit of Harry Styles vibes from Harry Hudson in this thumbnail and video?

‘Just Slide’ – Feat. Jaden

[apple_music_ad artist=”Harry Hudson” song=”Just Slide ft. Jaden”]

Well, obviously anything with Jaden Smith is going to make it onto a best-of list. His energy is unmatched, and he brings that to this video. Harry makes it clear three songs in on this list that one thing he will never do is let you down with those scenic shifts. Because man, all we want to do is travel to these places now. The addition of the female co-star here was a nice touch, and their chemistry was so clear.

‘No Good’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Harry Hudson” song=”No Good”]

The simplicity of this video is what makes us love it so much. For most of the video, it’s just this straight-on shot of Harry dimly lit by a fire staring into our soul. And maybe we turned into simps a bit! The campfire vibes are immaculate, and those black and white scene moments were such an incredible change of scenery as well. All around- 10/10!

‘Yellow Lights’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Harry Hudson” song=”Yellow Lights”]

This was very early on in Harry’s music career, and even then, it is so incredibly stellar. To have one of your first music videos be this good is rare, but of course, Harry Hudson could do it! The chemistry between the two leads in the video is crazy good, and we genuinely felt like they must be together in real life. That brought the exact energy we wanted with this video.

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite Harry Hudson music video? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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