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The last few months have been a crazy time for music but an even crazier time for Japanese girl-group FAKY. The girl group consists of five members: Lil’ Fang, Mikako, Hina, Akina, and Taki, and debuted in 2013. Due to their experimental nature, FAKY uses the word “fake” as the origin of their band name as they want to prove that they’re different from what the music scene is seeing in Japan right now. It’s pretty cool because they do it so well.

Just in the last few months, the girls have released two singles, ‘The Light’ and ‘99’ with the latest one being an original soundtrack for the popular Japanese drama, Rika: Reverse. It’s just amazing to see the growth and impact that this girl group has had in their time of being a band. At THP, we got time to sit down and catch up with them, to learn more about them and their music. Read below to see what they had to say in this THP Exclusive!

What is it about FAKY that makes you all different from the rest of the girl groups coming out of Japan?
We don’t have a specific genre for any of our songs, dances, or works of art, and as FAKY, we are always thinking to convey “This is what we want to say right now!” or “This is cool for us right now!” That’s one of our strengths. – Mikako

FAKY is different from other groups in Japan because we really value our individual identities. We all come from different backgrounds but come together to create what we individually and as a group think is unique. – Akina

How does your new single ’99’ differ from your previous release ‘The Light’?
We’ve created an adult song that is the complete opposite of “The Light” as a pop song! We expressed real emotions with a little black part of a human. – Mikako

‘The Light’ is a bright cheerful song, and I wrote it thinking of a future where the light will shine through someday even if things are hard. So, I think everything is different from ‘The Light’. – Lil’ Fang

Image Source: FAKY via Instagram

‘99’ is on the OST for Rika: Reverse – If you were to star in your own drama, what would you want the plotline to be?
I want to experience a world that I can’t experience in real life, like in “Stranger Things”. I want to create a story that I have never experienced before and will never experience again because I think that I can live in a world that is far from my real life in a drama. – Hina

I myself did a lot of tv shows and movies back in the Philippines but I think I would really be interested in anything mature. Any character with a psycho side. – Taki

Where did the inspiration come from for your ’99’ music video? 
The inspiration behind the ‘99’ music video came from the idea of each of us not being complete or satisfied where we are currently. We all have solo scenes portraying that we long for something more, which we feel almost everyone can relate to. – Akina

This music video is a story about the search for something that is lacking in each of us. I was also inspired by the main character of the movie “Rika”, whose theme song is ‘99’, who is always searching for something. – Lil’ Fang

For those new people that are just now checking you out and considering becoming part of FAKY Mania, what is something they should know when becoming a fan?
FAKY has a variety of genres of music, and I think the most appealing thing about FAKY is that it is “borderless” in terms of gender, country, and many other aspects. Each of the five members plays a leading role in their own lives, walking their own path without being the same as anyone else. I would like you to know their individuality. Also, as I’m sure you can tell by looking at them, they are all really funny and really cute. – Hina

Apart from that, what you can be sure of is that we always have something new for you. We try to speak from our hearts and not from what is famous now. We all have different characters and also we don’t have an on/off switch. Those are the main things honestly. – Taki F

You’ve experimented with different genres and sounds over your career. Is there something you’ve yet to try that you’d really like to?
We really do love experimenting with different genres and have so many different ideas of what we want to try next. Personally, I would love to create a heavily smooth r&b inspired track! – Akina

Of course, there are many. I would like to try in a way that I can surely share with you step by step. – Lil’ Fang

How have you grown as a band and individually since you began your journey as FAKY?
I honestly don’t know what I’ve grown into, but I’m happy that I’m able to build FAKY together with everyone because the group is important for me. – Mikako

The biggest change that has occurred since I joined FAKY is that I am now able to perform outside of Japan. In the past, it was difficult for me to get out of Japan as an artist, but now that I’ve joined FAKY, I’m really happy that I’ve been able to deliver my music to many countries.

Also, spending time with the members of FAKY, who are full of individuality, has given me more opportunities to think about my own personality, and I think I have grown to be able to express my own colors more than before when I worked as an individual model or in theatrical performances. – Hina

Image Source: FAKY via Instagram

You are all about empowerment, what is the one thing that empowers you all individually?
There are a number of things that empower me. My family and their confidence in me empowers me to be a better person, musicians I look up to empower me to create music I’m proud of, and of course, our fans that empower me to work harder every day. – Akina

It’s really your support. Of course, there are many other people and things that have influenced me throughout my life. But I believe that nothing influences me more than the words of my fans when I make music. – Lil’ Fang

We just have to say we love your sense of fashion! Do you have any inspiration for your style? Any people or eras?
Thank you! I think it’s great that everyone has a different sense of style and that there are always so many trends. My motto is to wear what I want to wear in my own way because I value my current mood. – Mikako

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Nowadays, we can find a lot of information on social networking services, so I always check Instagram to see what I like and what I think is cute. To be honest, trends are important, but I value things that make me excited and that I like more than what’s popular! Also, since some members of FAKY, such as Akina and Taki, focus on foreign styles, I’m conscious of being an easily recognizable Japanese icon. Especially my hair! – Hina

You did a show in Spain, but have you ever thought about coming to America and doing a mini-tour?
Of course! I consider America as my home so I would love nothing more than to share the love I have for the U.S. with our fans there! Our American fans have stayed so loyal and supportive to us even though we haven’t been able to travel there, so I want to repay them with an unforgettable show! – Akina

We would definitely love that, especially for Akina. We always have this dream that we perform where every member was raised. And honestly, America is perfect for a mini-tour – Taki

There’s no doubt in our soul that FAKY are the sweetest girls on the planet. Their personalities and encouragement of each other’s craft is truly admirable. What else can you ask for in a group? We just know that in due time, we’ll be screaming at a concert and enjoying the live versions of their diverse discography. 

If you haven’t checked out FAKY’s latest music (and you totally should), listen to it down below.

So, have the FAKY girls peaked your interest yet? What song do you like so far? You should tell us more! Comment your thoughts down below, or start a conversation with us on Twitter at @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image: Courtesy of Avex, BiBi Lara, Graphic Design Team Member

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