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Rebecca Black Gets Personal In Latest Track

Rebecca Black Gets Personal In Latest Track

Image Source: Jade DeRose

We, along with the rest of the world, are utterly in love with Rebecca Black. The way she’s so effortlessly herself in her music is just so refreshing. It makes us want to express ourselves in the same way. She’s bringing something new and exciting to the pop music scene and continues to blow us out of the water with her talent and drive.

If you’ve been on the internet for as long as you can remember (as we have!), we’re sure you’re well aware of the force that is Rebecca Black! She shot to fame after releasing the iconic bop ‘Friday’, and you can bet we’re still blasting it at parties. And of course, now we have the iconic ‘Friday’ remix, which is straight out of our hyper pop dreams. There really isn’t anything our girl Rebecca Black can’t do.

She’s taken the fame she was given in her stride. Rebecca Black has paved her own way, and, landed herself in a position where she is loved for so much more than just the song she made as a young teenager. When we think of Rebecca Black, we think of the kickass music she’s making, like the song we’re celebrating today, ‘Personal’!

We have so much to say about this incredible new track and can’t wait to just gush about it forevermore. ‘Personal’ is a must for all playlists! Trust us and stream it here!

Image Source: GIPHY
Image Source: Jade DeRose

Right off the bat, we feel like Rebecca Black deserves all the praise for how seamlessly she blends the best of hyper pop and mainstream pop into a song. ‘Personal’ is basically a masterclass on how to do just that.

We can’t get over the fact that, on the surface, this song is an absolute banger that you’d want to dance with friends to while screaming along to the lyrics. But then you go a bit deeper, and it’s packed full of so much meaning.

First off, we love to see Rebecca Black taking ownership of her sexuality in this track. Queer representation in all art forms is vital to people not feeling so alone and having songs they can relate to, that they can scream all the words to.

So many of us can look at the situation Rebecca is singing about and see a situation we’ve been through. ‘Personal’ is all about a breakup where you’re made out to be the bad guy by the other person. Even if that’s not the situation, you know they will make it seem like the case.

We love Rebecca’s energy in this track, though! She’s entirely over it and lets her ex-partner know that she won’t take how they’re handling the breakup so personally. She will just let her feel what she needs to feel so they can both move on.

Image Source: Jade DeRose

With the course Rebecca Black is taking with her music and the way she’s melding different sub-genres of pop together, we have no doubt she will be on top of the music game for a very long time.

After hearing this new single, ‘Personal,’ we can hardly wait to find out what a full-length project will sound like. We hope that is on the horizon this year! We’ve got a killer EP and so many singles, but man, an album would hit differently.

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We hope that ‘Personal’ was as big of a knockout to you guys as it was to us! Rebecca is just continuing her streak and clarifying that she is here for the long haul!

Be sure to check out even more of our coverage of new music here!

And of course, as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts! What do you think of ‘Personal’? Let us know your thoughts by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Rebecca Black – ‘Personal’


Featured Image Source: Jade DeRose

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