Guess Who’s Excited For Rockfield: Studio on the Farm

Guess Who’s Excited For Rockfield: Studio on the Farm

The answer is us. We’re losing it over the trailer for Rockfield: Studio on the Farm. Oh right, we haven’t explained what that is. Sorry, we got ahead of ourselves! Rockfield is a documentary set to come out on May 14 about an extraordinary recording studio in the Welsh countryside. But why is it special? Because some of the greatest British albums of the last 50 years were recorded there, and by some of the greatest musicians. Such as Queen, Black Sabbath, Oasis, Coldplay, and so many others.

Seriously, how cool is this? Five decades ago, two brothers decided to turn their farm into a studio and forever changed the history of music. And to think we now get a whole movie telling that story! Oh, and take a look at the poster showing some names who will be appearing in interviews:

Image Source: Ieie Productions

A few things you should definitely know:

In a way, the film was about group dynamics, the intensity and ‘make or break’ nature of residential recording, […], that intensity almost broke some bands, but it also produced tracks that have stood the test of time, and maybe you can hear everything that went on this isolated farm in that music, the pleasure and the pain.”

– Director Hannah Berryman

Hannah Berryman is more than correct about the tracks standing the test of time. People still love the music made decades ago in that studio. For example, we bet you can’t find a single human who hasn’t at least heard of the masterpiece that is ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ Yeah, Queen recorded the legendary A Night At The Opera at Rockfield.

Anna, from Frozen, being super excited
Image Source via GIPHY

As huge fans of many artists who have recorded at Rockfield, we at THP HQ cannot wait to see more of the studio’s 50-year history. Just so you know, Abramorama will distribute the movie in the US, and you can also pre-order it here (if you’re in the US)!

Please tell us you’re as excited about this documentary as we are! You can talk to us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPop! We’ll love to hear your thoughts!

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Featured Image Source: Ieie Productions

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