Jordan McGraw Can’t Get Enough of ‘HER’

Jordan McGraw Can’t Get Enough of ‘HER’

Being on tour with your favorite artists and signed on their imprint label? This is a dream, don’t you think? Well, Jordan McGraw already achieve his goal, touring with Bebe Rexha and Jonas Brothers, as well as having his last single ‘HER’ out now!

Get Your Groove On!

You turn me on
I turn you on
We only talk talk talk when we’re drunk
And it’s so played out 

The above is our introduction to Jordan McGraw, with sultry tones, on ‘HER’. Feel like some Nick Jonas or DNCE-infused electronic R’n’B grooves? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal, since both Nick and Joe, along with Ross Golan and The Space Primates, co-wrote that candy-flavored pop song! The repetitive lyrics and the bass-centered beats chase our curiosity. We can’t help to tilt our heads and move our bodies. It’s an absolute earworm!

Image source: Matthias Clemer

Physical Attraction?

Jordan McGraw brings a new sound to this new solo material. Once in pop-punk bands (do you remember Stars In Stereos in the early 2000s?), he developed his style, working on the melodies to add some cool vibes. Did you know the song was about chasing a girl he eventually married? About how to attract her? “I keep chasing/Her/Cause I know you know me better than I know myself,” he croons in the catchy chorus. Soulmates exist, facts! ‘HER’ is that piece which instantly causes happiness! The natural blend between falsettos and baritone range is pure addiction! Yes, it’s like a natural drug. So flawless, this is the song of your summer beach parties!

Image source: Matthias Clemer

Not Only Girls Have Fun!

‘HER’ is that bop everyone needs to cheer up! Everyone is welcome to the party! Enjoy the synthetic slow-paced vivid notes and keep dancing!

The songs have substance, but they’re meant to be enjoyed. Put my music on and unplug for five minutes. Personally, I’m quiet until I need to be. I love being the reason other people have fun, and I like to take care of my friends. If you can laugh and have fun in any situation, you’re doing it right.

Jordan McGraw

Curious now? Get the track here! Don’t forget to watch the entertaining visuals too! We guess you’ll have plenty of fun watching Jordan McGraw play the ice cream man! So tasty! How can we keep resisting these wonderful and colorful cones!

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Featured Image Source: Matthias Clemer

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