We’re Getting a Glimpse Into Eden Rain’s Thoughts with ‘Out In The Cold’!

We’re Getting a Glimpse Into Eden Rain’s Thoughts with ‘Out In The Cold’!

Listen everyone, Eden Rain has released her second single ‘Out In The Cold’ and has proven to us once again that she is one of the most talented artists on the rise!

The singer-songwriter made her debut to the world with the release of her beautiful single ‘Wake Up, You´re Stuck’ earlier this year. In combination with the piano melodies and her voice, Eden’s hand-drawn doodles and drawings allowed us inside her thoughts, to help us get to know the mind of Eden Rain. Before stepping into the music world, Eden started as a visual artist, sharing all her drawings through her social media. And now, she has found a way to combine her two passions into one.

Another Sneak Peak to Eden’s Mind…

‘Out In The Cold’ is a sad melody that narrates the story of a couple that couldn’t survive the distance. With the angelic voice of Eden Rain and the beautiful piano melody, the song takes you through a melancholic and emotional journey, that commands we play it on a constant repeat loop!

On the other hand, the song is not the only thing taking us on an emotional journey. The music video, crafted by Eden herself, takes us along on her adventure. During the video, we can appreciate different cities and iconic spots from across the world, while glancing through the window of a bus, as if we are the person being driven away from our loved one. It makes us feel like we are in the music video. Eden has shown us that singing is not her only talent, she is a great visual artist!

If you are a fan of Girl In Red or Phoebe Green, we definitely recommend you listen to the stunning Eden Rain! What are your thoughts on Eden´s new single? We can´t wait for more of her music! Tell us everything in the comments below or hit us up on our Instagram, Facebook, and @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter!

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Feature Image Source: Amir Hossain

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