We Are Going ‘Part Time Psycho’ For SHAED and Lamorn!

We Are Going ‘Part Time Psycho’ For SHAED and Lamorn!

SHAED, one of our favorite bands, originally released ‘Part Time Psycho‘ on March 12th, but now they have partnered with one of the most talented breakout stars, Lamorn, to create a stunning new version of their song!

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*Mental Explosion*

Bringing us a new upbeat version of SHAED’s song, this release had all of us dancing and jumping around our rooms. The track has confirmed we are now obsessed with Lamorn and how he managed to create this amazing mix of sounds with the beautiful voice of SHAED.

At only 18-years-old, Lamorn has proved to us that he is ready to take on the world and there´s nothing that will stop him. He is on his way up! Since his debut, Lamorn has created incredible melodies that are completely stuck in our heads, with his electronic vibes and big brain energy. He is just… wow! Listen to more music of Lamorn here!

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We Are Not Psycho, Just Addicted!

First of all, oh my god! The track is just so… we have no words to describe how much we loved it!

The song is preparing us for the upcoming summer, cause we all know we want to listen to it with our friends. Lamorn and SHAED found a way to make us want to go on a nocturnal adventure listening to their new track ‘Part Time Psycho’ on a loop.

This tune is just addictive, so take this as your warning – once you start listening to it, you won’t stop! Besides being addicted to the song, we are in love with the vibes it gives. A dark but colorful night is the first thing we see while listening to the song. The lights of the city while you walk around, linking arms and making memories, with the people you are closest with.

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We’re hitting repeat on this song and we are pretty sure that you are too! Lamorn and SHAED have brought us another song to add to our playlists, and you know we’ll be playing it at every opportunity!

Tell us, what did you think about the song? Are you addicted to it as much as we are? Tell us in the comments, plus don’t forget to pop over to our Twitter @TheHoneyPop and share your thoughts with us!

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