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Childe Reconciliates With Life On Debut EP

Childe Reconciliates With Life On Debut EP

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to reconnect with yourself? British newcomer on the music scene Childe has loads to say about it on his debut self-titled EP. Self-reflecting about being a loner, traumas, relationships, and more turmoils of life, the singer-songwriter figures out the difficulties of humanity.

‘Bad Ideas’

‘Bad Ideas’ starts with low fuzz bites to grow in a crescendo of pop guitars and bright vocals. Beware of the demons hiding in your inner self. They can be scary or giving out bad suggestions.

“So let me know
How much more of a demon
Do you want to know (woah ohh)”

Childe playfully sings on the highs and lows, kicking in with fearless goosebumps rhythms.


This song is therapeutic, bringing some calm waves to our lives. Fans of The Chainsmokers and dream pop style, you’ll be addicted to the diaphane intro that builds into small delicate leaps. Childe lyrics are profound, getting deep into the themes of losing control and growing up around the relationships we have.

‘Two Thirds’

What do we do when the weight of the world gets at us? Feel the echoes of melancholia with Childe’s ‘Two Thirds’. We are all vulnerable at some points. All we need is to take a step away from our problems and start to dream of a better world. The soothing syncopated beats flow in perfection with the intimate and warm vocals provided by the Wiltshire-born singer-songwriter. This song got the grooves! Feel the heatwave with the ambient freestyles. If you are a fan of Glass Animals, we urge you to put ‘Two Thirds’ on your regular streaming playlists!

‘Just Me’

It’s hard to please everyone we guess! Sometimes, we just feel like being kept in a cage. ‘Just Me’ is that introspective ballad with the hooks that keep clasping on us. The hitchhiking vibes just become dreamier and better at each listen. Watch the wonderful visuals created by Alexis Giroux, a Montreal artist, better known as Oodnuf.

‘You There’

Does it happen to you that you talk to yourself? The best therapy is to write, knowing and trying to let go of our deep thoughts. Childe explains: “It’s about searching for something real. It’s the story I told myself about how life would turn out, and then figuring out what to do when it doesn’t. It’s a reconciliation of that.” The piano bits and the falsetto bring peace and comfort. Breathe, dance in your head, and float in the air. ‘You There’ elevates the mood, no lie!

A stellar tremolo blinks on the intro of the track. The upbeat electro elements fly at the speed of light, just like relationships we had. Childe is lost in the beautiful poetry, rhyming with sensibility and soaring into the sorrowful melody. Let our eyes flicker, hoping that the loneliness will get away soon!

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Featured Image source: Amelia Hazlerigg

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