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Get To Know Keeana Kee! She’s Talking Music, TikTok, and ‘Ride With Me!’

Get To Know Keeana Kee! She’s Talking Music, TikTok, and ‘Ride With Me!’

Who is Keeana Kee? The Latvian-born, London-raised singer is coming in hot on the R&B scene with her unique sound. Her music is as vibrant, energetic, and fun as she is. Not to mention, she’s not afraid to tackle some serious subjects either! She wrote her first song in English at just ten years old, and since moving to London and kicking off her music career, she’s worked with some of the leading DJs, remixers, and producers in the world. Her infusion of afro-beats into R&B tracks makes her music a fantastic listening experience.

Her latest release, ‘Ride With Me,’ is one of those tracks that we just can’t get enough of. You can really hear Keeana Kee’s unique sound throughout this track, and it makes us want to get up and groove. Oh, and we can’t forget her dance challenge for ‘Ride With Me’ has been a mega-hit!

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You Can Check The Track Out Here:

We wanna tell you more about the track, but Keeana Kee had a lot to say about ‘Ride With Me,’ and we feel that it’ll be better from the source! Let’s dive into what she has to say!

Keeana Kee
Image Source: Courtesy of Music Gateway

The ‘Ride With Me’ challenge has been extremely popular. We see you reposting some of them! What do you think of platforms like TikTok making it easier to promote and share your music through challenges like this?
I like TikTok and it has definitely been a great tool for musicians and artists to get their art out there. It also feels sooo good to see people enjoying themselves dancing to my song. Best feeling ever.

On the topic of TikTok, do you have a favorite TikTok trend at the moment?
I love that anime voice-over thing. Some people are so amazing at that.

What was the writing and production process of ‘Ride With Me’ like? How did that track come about?
I wrote ‘Ride with Me’ when I returned home to New York after a trip to Los Angeles. When I was in California, I drove around the desert, and the overwhelming feeling I had while riding in the car — the burning with excitement and dreaming about the future — was what inspired me to write this song. I transported myself to those magical and ephemeral moments of being in that car and feeling the potential of the future rushing towards me through the windshield. The lyric “I wanna see you ride with me / Oh can you move in?” captures the overall theme of the song as an invitation to find the future together. The next time I was in LA, I went to the studio with my producer to create the track and record my vocals.

What do you want your fans to feel when they’re listening to ‘Ride With Me?
Most importantly, I would want for people to feel good while listening to my music. I send positive vibes with my songs, hoping my listeners will get a desire to dance. I would like for them to get carried away to a place full of sunshine and good vibes.

You’ve connected with your fans with the ‘Ride With Me’ challenge. What are some other ways you enjoy connecting with fans during this time where in-person events aren’t possible?
The challenge definitely helped me see how many amazing, dedicated fans I have. It also brought more awareness to my music, coz more and more people could discover the song through the challenge. Thanks to social media, I could connect to my fans through IG live and exchange DMs. Instagram is my “go-to” platform where I engage with my fans the most. It’s been such an amazing tool for artists to do live concerts and QnA’s live with their fans. 

Keeana Kee
Image Source: Courtesy of Music Gateway

Your songs ‘Sweet Heaven’ and ‘Coconut Rum and Coke’ tackle topics like the struggle of immigrants and finding your sexuality. What is it like trying to translate these somewhat more serious topics into a genre like this?
I like to raise awareness of social issues in my music and try to do it as much as I can. It is very important for me, but I also think it is important for my listeners. I am not only talking about my own beliefs and concerns, I’m also trying to cover the issues and struggles many other people are going through, which I hope my music can in some way help them overcome. This is the way I can share my concerns and get my voice heard. It is also important to stay positive and have fun along the way, so I try to combine both of these things.

You’re Latvian-born and London-raised. How has your upbringing shown through in your music? Were there any specific genres or musicians that were around you growing up that influenced your style?
Honestly, I didn’t have much access to the music growing up in Eastern Europe other than some Russian pop playing on the radio. I didn’t have any musicians around either, which is very unfortunate. I wish I had. I would definitely play all the musical instruments possible by now haha. I wish… But I was raised by a single mother and she had neither time nor money for it to pay for any music lessons. Both of my grandmothers were singing, but only the one from my father’s side was doing it professionally and has actually been the lead singer in the Latvian Symphonic orchestra, but I never knew her and even that she was a singer up until recently. My father left us when I was a baby. 

I know that I have always had music inside of me and my soul has always been singing. I am here right now despite having no musical influence growing up. My soul lead me here. When I moved to the UK I have discovered many musical genres, but have always been driven to 80s and 90s pop and blues. Musicians and artists I’ve listened to and admired back then, been inspiring me till this moment and help me to keep on track.

Who are some artists that you’re inspired by? What songs have been on repeat for you at the moment?
Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, and Sia are my idols. My playlist depends on the day and my mood, but the artists I was listening to the most lately are Lennon Stella, Tones and I, Burna Boy, Rosália, Selena, J Balvin.

Keeana Kee
Image Source: Courtesy of Music Gateway

If you could have any of your songs featured in a movie or show, which song would you choose, which movie or show, and why do you think it fits?
I really love your questions, you know? they are so creative 🙂 I would like for all of my songs to be indifferent movies and TV shows. Haha

Hmm, I think ‘Sweet Heaven’ could be really great for a movie because it’s so memorizable and rhythmic. ‘Let’s Make Love’ could be really nice for some passionate love story or TV Show about relationships.

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We love all the effort that goes into your music videos and visuals, how do you come up with these ideas? Or is it more of a collaborative process?

Usually, all the ideas are mine and my manager’s. Then we find a videographer/director who can help bring them all to life. I have been blessed with the people I got to work with on my videos. Also ‘Sweet Heaven’ was my editing debut. 🙂

What is your favorite part about making music overall? 
Feeling it! Coming out with the “physical” product from something untouchable like our feelings. This is incredible and I don’t really know how it all happens. It’s like magic that gets created in our hearts. I love writing songs. I love translating my feelings into the music. 

So there you have it! We absolutely loved getting to chat with Keeana Kee and hearing what she had to say. Of course, we absolutely can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next!

Let us know what you think of Keeana Kee in the comments or come chat with us on Twitter over @TheHoneyPop! We’re always buzzing around over there!


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Music Gateway, BiBi Lara, Graphic Design Team Member

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