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Lin-Manuel Miranda Is A Pure Genius And You Can’t Convince Us Otherwise

Lin-Manuel Miranda Is A Pure Genius And You Can’t Convince Us Otherwise

We needed an excuse to gush about how incredible Lin-Manuel Miranda is and the release of the title track from his massively successful musical, In The Heights, gave us just that. If it hasn’t been crystal clear over the last several years, his mind is something that is out of this world. He’s been able to bring the magic that is theater to millions and millions of people with his Broadway shows Hamilton and In The Heights.

The way he writes and brings these shows to life just completely blows our minds. It’s modern but true to the story and full of music that even non-theater people can get into. And don’t worry, we’ll get into his work in Mary Poppins Returns as well, absolutely iconic.

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In The Heights

We simply couldn’t be more excited about this movie. In The Heights is a musical that holds so much importance to us and soon enough the world will get to bask in its glory. We still remember getting chills the first time we saw the trailer and actually got to witness this vision brought to life. The casting choice of Anthony Ramos as the lead is going to bring the best out of the character and we know he’ll kill it! The film is slated to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 9th and we are just overly bummed we won’t be there to celebrate!

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Of course, Lin-Manuel Miranda is starring in the film as well as being the writer and one of the people who crafted the score. Ahead of the release of In The Heights, the title track has been released from the soundtrack, and let us tell you we haven’t taken it off repeat! It’s such a celebratory track and will 100% make us cry the first time we hear it in the context of the movie.

Stream ‘In The Heights’ here!

Pre-save the In The Heights soundtrack here!

Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns is one the most magical theater experiences we’ve had probably ever. Every time we watch the film we are brought right back to that childlike wonder. This reimagination of an all-time classic stars Emily Blunt and of course Lin-Manuel Miranda. The rest of the cast was equally as incredible and added to that Disney magic we can’t ever get enough of.

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The entire soundtrack, most of which was done by Lin-Manuel Miranda is pure unadulterated joy. We are partial to the track ‘Trip A Little Light Fantastic’ as we have it on repeat always. It also made our Spotify wrapped list and what about it? We love good music and appreciate it whenever we see it! We can only hope Lin-Manuel Miranda is involved in bringing even more of our favorite Disney films to life in a reimagined way in the future.


We obviously can’t talk about Lin-Manuel Miranda without discussing the Broadway play that has captured the nation, Hamilton. Hamilton tells the tale of the late Alexander Hamilton with a mixture of hip-hop music thrown in. It’s everything we could have ever asked for. We would pay any amount to see this in person with the original cast performing. Talk about an experience!

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If you’re anything like us and can’t get enough of this musical, you can watch it whenever you please on Disney+. It’s truly the greatest gift we could ever ask for! We’ve probably accounted for about half of its total streams!

We would love to hear from you! What’s your favorite Lin-Manuel Miranda project? Will you be watching In The Heights? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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