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The Chemical Brothers Go Fearless On New Single!

The Chemical Brothers Go Fearless On New Single!

Feel the flow from the ‘Block Rocking Beats’! Classic British electro duo The Chemical Brothers are back with new material this week! Let’s be fearless and enjoy the skyrocketing synth drops on the new single ‘The Darkness That You Fear’, their first track since the exploration they gave us on No Geography.

Back To Basics

Sometimes it’s great to get back to our roots, don’t you think? Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons unite once again for the new banger, ‘The Darkness That You Fear’. The duo keeps up with their nostalgic loops from back in 1999. We couldn’t get enough of Hope Sandoval, Bernard Sumner, and Noel Gallagher’s feature on Surrender. On the new single ‘The Darkness That You Fear’, they bring our fav sounds from that epic era. We hear a lot of New Order and OMD infused-beats that make us wished we were in that iconic The Hacienda Club, in Manchester, in the eighties, where everyone gathers to rave and party. The new song perfectly fits with it.

Album artwork
Image Source: Sir Terry Frost

Short Or Long Version?

The Chemical Brothers’ dexterity with the instrumentation is stronger than ever on ‘The Darkness That You Fear’. Its progress is a culmination of electro punches, and we can’t resist letting go of ourselves. The greatest thing is you can choose if you want to cheer up faster with the short edit version or live in the pleasures fully with the complete full-throttle energizing long trippy track! Let’s feel the heat!

Image Source: TENOR Gifs

Let The Festival Begins!

The Manchester-based EDM pioneers are set to perform as headliners at Creamfields in Cheshire, UK, this coming August. Will you be one of the lucky attendees? The festival is already sold out, and we know from the bottom of our hearts that The Chemical Brothers will smash it with their oldies from the nineties and ‘Darkness That You Fear’ summer anthem vibes. They’ll also be part of one of the biggest events in Glasgow, Scotland, TRNSMT, and you wouldn’t want to miss it!

Let’s Hallucinate Together!

‘The Darkness That You Fear’ is not as dark as it seems. For Tom Rowlands, the track isa hopeful piece of music. When we found the combination of the different voices worked set to the flow of the music, it made us feel optimistic—like it was something we wanted to share.Swerve into a world of spiraling hallucinogenic atmospherics. “Let your hearts see the colors around you” repeats the voice all across the track. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. The Chemical Brothers are always here for a few supersonic vibes! Enjoy the psychedelic visuals from Bristol director Ruffmercy here.

Like what you heard? Stream or download your digital copy here. Also, make sure to order your limited 12” vinyl on Record Store Day, June 12th. How do you cope with your biggest fears? Don’t be shy and share with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Featured image source: Hamish Brown/Illustration by Ruffmercy

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