The White Stripes Drops Surprise Remix of Their Biggest Classic!

The White Stripes Drops Surprise Remix of Their Biggest Classic!

“I’m gonna fight ’em all/A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back” sang Jack White in 2003. Who else shouted out loud to the icky thump song back in the days? Time flies so fast! As the proud founder of The White Stripes and Third Man Records, he’s rocking the industry! Remember when garage rock and loud thumpings were invading the airwaves? You’ll be happy to know that The White Stripes are back with a new remix of ‘Seven Nation Army’ and also have some other projects in their mind with The Glitch Mob.

Fancy An Exclusive Experience?

Art and technology? It fits perfectly with the new NFT projects that come around here and there. It’s the opportunity for fans to own unique pieces. The White Stripes and The Glitch Mob keep their creativity alive. For the release of ‘Seven Nation Army’, they collaborated with Strangeloop studios. The NFT collection is available now via Nifty Gateway and includes a test pressing of the remix vinyl and a full exclusive audiovisual experience! Any takers? Head here for more information!

White Stripes
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A Thumping Remix

Nearly ten years after The Glitch Mob reworked the iconic duet track, the Los Angeles-based trio now makes it official! In 2011, the awesome version gained some attention, but never saw the light of the day through official platforms. Maybe you heard it without knowing it? In 2013, the song was part of the G.I. Joe: Retaliation movie trailer. Hardcore fans of The White Stripes and The Glitch Mob will be happy to see the song now up on streaming platforms. It will also be offered as very limited vinyl for the first time. Keeping the signature drum bangs from Meg White, the remix goes into deep dubs and bass-like tones. Like a pulsation, drive into a whole different universe.

From Traditional to Sci-Fi?

Who remembers the original black, red, and white kaleidoscope video for The White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army’? There weren’t too many differences on that new version featuring The Glitch Mob. Directed by Stripmall, we still are feeling dizzy, but with a new apocalypse. Instead of the Mondrian’ De Stijl art form-infused visuals, we are in the opposite direction witnessing futuristic neon lightning and a psychedelic tunnel that reminds us a lot of Alice In Wonderland. The character’s exploration makes him run from skeleton evil creatures to drown in water. The original aesthetic elements are still present though, the red, black, and white triangles still appearing alongside the stroboscopic visuals. Watch the video below!

Preorder the 7” vinyl here! You can also stream on your favorite platform here! What is your favorite remix of all time? Share with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram. Remixes are so good that we got more for you here.



Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Third Man Records

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