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Dreamer Boy Has Us In Awe With Love-Fueled Album, All The Ways We Are Together

Dreamer Boy Has Us In Awe With Love-Fueled Album, All The Ways We Are Together

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Just off the heels of some sick releases, like ‘Know You,’ ‘Crybaby‘ and ‘Don’t Be a Fool,‘  Dreamer Boy is back with his fun sophomore album, All The Ways We Are Together, and we could not be more excited! The album is all about different kinds of love, whether it be platonic, romantic, or environmental.

This one is for you, hopeless romantics. Listen here.

Back in 2019, we attended the Dreamer Boy concert, which had the incredible Clairo as well, and we can tell you, we weren’t the only ones who fell in love then and there. He has been immediately welcomed with open arms by everyone who has witnessed his talent, as he should.

The release date coinciding with Earth Day certainly wasn’t a mistake. The record tells the story of the love we show to each other and to the world. The world is always in need of some loving, and Dreamer Boy has done just that with his beautiful new record.

About All The Ways We Are Together.

“The songs are about the love we have for ourselves, the love we have for our friends, and the love we can show the environment around us.” Says Zach Taylor – the Nashville singer/songwriter behind the Dreamer Boy name.

All The Ways We Are Together is entirely diverse with a wide range of genres and styles. The album is so not conventional, but that is why it has us in utter awe.

The bedroom pop and guitar-based album is so dreamy in every single way, and we can’t get enough of it. All The Ways We Are Together is such a refreshing album to listen to, and we can guarantee you have not heard anything like it before.

The love-fuelled record really gets us going, and you will feel every emotion you could ever feel while listening to it. Dreamer Boy has gone and done it again. He has represented the different kinds of love you can feel in the most relatable way. With every song being slightly different from another, you will not get bored!

“I want to spread love and light and joy,” says Dreamer Boy. Here at The Honey Pop, we can vouch and say – Dreamer Boy, you have achieved that and more. With the theme of All The Ways We Are Together, you can clearly feel the utmost love and happiness Taylor has shared from his heart.

Our favorite track is definitely ‘Best of Me.’ The song is towards the end of the album, and the feel-good guitar track definitely ends the masterpiece of a record on such a positive note. We can see ourselves listening to this song in a park with our besties. It really does bring out the Best of Us.

Along with the release, Dreamer Boy has also created another Instagram page to inform everyone how they could help.

How Zach Taylor Is Actively Helping Our Planet

He has amazingly partnered with his local organization, Root Nashville, which aims to maintain and preserve the urban tree canopy in the city’s historically neglected neighborhoods. What’s cool about this is that with each stream, it will turn into a tree planted by the organization! Not only is streaming his music a fantastic experience, but you’ll be saving the planet too. If that isn’t enough reason to listen to Dreamer Boy, we don’t know what else to say!

Get streaming and planting those trees right here!

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Dreamer Boy uses his platform in the best way and is clearly contributing towards the help that our planet is in desperate need of right now. Not only is the new record ultimately heartwarming and relatable, but it is also helping us make a change.

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Zach Taylor, you are taking an initiative that is seen rarely, and here at The Honey Pop and the rest of the world, we are so thankful for the love and environmental friendliness you are spreading to those across the globe. You’re absolutely amazing.

What is your favorite song from All The Ways We Are Together? Comment down below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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