SAFETY CLUB Squeeze The ‘Juice’ On Debut Single!

SAFETY CLUB Squeeze The ‘Juice’ On Debut Single!

The hip-hop movement is crossing the borders to Brisbane, Australia. Inspired by many of the greatest in the industry, the new duo SAFETY CLUB debuts their ‘Juice’ single to start our mid-week the right way. Just relax and enjoy the not-so-serious vibes!

Take Your Vitamin D!

What happens when two Australian artists decide to start some groovy hip-hop project? Ronnie Sinclair and Shan created the unique SAFETY CLUB. In this new song, ‘Juice,’ they slam diverting crude lyrics. If some people have sensitive ears here, please refrain! The track has harsh bars, rough words, and the band is making fun of people’s egos. It’s simple and efficient. Let’s deliver a strong message! “Money falling on my lap“, Ronnie starts on the chorus, showing that cash now counts more than everything in today’s society. Through sarcastic humor, we get our boost of vitamin D!

Image source: SAFETY CLUB Instagram

Squeeze Your Life!

Make another hit just to eat a bit attention,” SAFETY CLUB spats on the debut single ‘Juice.’ We can pretend to be another person. It’s a normal phase of life. Though, inside, we are hiding our natural personalities. What’s the main reason behind this? Probably because we are afraid of judgment from others, don’t you think? This is crystal clear. Don’t squeeze your mind too much, and just try to be truthful to your personality. The Australian duo doesn’t mind about cancel culture. Love yourself and the others around you! Everything is going to be alright then!

Old School Vibes

It may be their debut song, but SAFETY CLUB smashes it on ‘Juice.’ In between modern acts and the royalty of old-school rap (Snoop DoggNas, Chance The Rapper), their influences kicks in with grace! The 90s vibes are obsessive, in a cool way! Ronnie Sinclair’s loose choreography attracts the eye, and his colorful outfit on the video directed by Shan, his other half. Filmed in a convenience store, it shows that everyone can jam, no matter if the moves are ridiculous! The moral of this story: just have fun and enjoy the present time! Don’t be afraid of social prejudices. Watch the video here.

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Featured image source: Safety Club Facebook

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