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Soda Blonde Feels The Heatwave Breeze

Soda Blonde Feels The Heatwave Breeze

Feel the addiction! Dublin’s Soda Blonde released a new single taken from their awaited album Small Talk coming up this summer. Explore the obscurity and open the door that leads to ‘In The Heat Of The Night.’

Wasted Teenage Dreams

In love, there’s always Ying and Yang. Carry on with a relationship is not easy, especially when we are young and got loads to learn about in life. ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ from Soda Blonde explores this thematic with a lot of tact. The cinematic instrumentation syncs perfectly with Faye O’Rourke’s mix of low tones and high range. No one can deny it! The singer is the Chrissie Hynde of modern rock music! ”I’ll be the north, and you’ll be south” set the tone for an adventure of sweet melodies and confrontations. Lies, wasted teenage dreams, breaking glasses, and trying to cope with the demons of nightfall is a cruel part of life. We get it! Heartbreaks are harsh, but with ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ ethereal rhythmic spiked beats, the band makes us forget the negative thoughts.

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Enigmatic Musicality

‘In The Heat Of The Night’ haunts us from the start. The blues intro transforms into a dreamier and sadder vibe. In the likes of contemporaries Lucia And the Best Boys, Soda Blonde use their synthpop skills to share vibrant emotions. The band crafted a song about having a fight and sticking our heads out of the water.

Head over water
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“The music possessed an attitude that I wasn’t familiar with as a songwriter. It deftly evoked the neon of night and brought Scorcese’s Casino to my mind. Our goal was to create a song that had everything we wanted to hear. It allowed me to write, uninhibited by the labor of self-analysis. It’s a song about conflict and getting a kick out of it. The thrill of the fight.”

Faye O’Rourke

Feel The Breeze!

Soda Blonde brings fresh air to the music industry with its retro-infused escapades. From Kate Bush to MARINA, we can’t get enough of the soothing dark electronic and bold pop elements. These sounds evolve from ‘Small Talk’ single to the new one ‘In The Heat Of The Night.’ Reflecting on the frustrations and arguments between people, the melody envelops our hearts and soul with layers comprised of effervescent guitars and soothing vocal harmonies. Take a listen to the hot new song here.

Make sure to grab the mesmerizing track ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ here! Choose your streaming platform, and you’ll be all set! Why not getting an extra and preorder the album SmallTalk while at it? Check it here! Catch them on their UK tour too. Details to get your tickets and venue info can be found here. Don’t miss it!

Life as a night owl attracts you? Let us know what you think about ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or, Instagram.

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