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Charlotte Cardin Takes Flight In Her Album Phoenix

Charlotte Cardin Takes Flight In Her Album Phoenix

Image Source: Charlotte Cardin via Twitter

We have been on board with Charlotte Cardin since the very first time we heard her song ‘California,’ one of the best lines we’ve ever heard still to this day is in that track. “An ocean made its way from your coast to my eyes” is just incredible wordplay. We even included Charlotte Cardin in an article we wrote all about the best female songwriters around right now. With just one listen to any song in her discography, and you’ll see why! We said it before, and we’ll say it again it is our mission to convert everyone into Charlotte Cardin stans.

Charlotte Cardin has just released her album Phoenix, and we have to say this might be an all-time great when it comes to debut albums. It’s cohesive and incredibly well written and just reminds us that Charlotte Cardin is on a whole other level regarding her relationship with her pen.

Make sure to stream the album by clicking here!

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With this track being the title track, we can totally see why Charlotte Cardin went with Phoenix as the album title. Charlotte talked to Apple Music about this track and said it is all about not being able to love someone because you don’t even love yourself yet. It’s such a relatable concept. Self-love is a vital part of any healthy relationship so lacking that is such a heartbreaking thing. After a few listens of this track, we’re pretty songwriters everywhere were shook at hearing the line, “I had to burn everything that I was just to come back like a phoenix”—what an incredible line. And don’t even get us started on that outro because we could talk about it for a solid week.

‘Passive Aggressive’

We are always here for a track that celebrates a toxic relationship coming to an end! It’s always exactly what we like to see! There are so many lyrics we feel like we need to talk about! Firstly, “But I love myself too much to waste good years on bad love,” like come on!! That is the energy we are here for. We all need to follow Charlotte Cardin’s lead in loving ourselves this much. The line that really got to us was, “But it’s not my job to save you.”

If you’ve been in a toxic relationship where the other person is beyond repair, they can often make you feel like it’s your responsibility to save them, which can only create even more stress for you, and it’s just not worth it. You are only responsible for your own mental health and well-being.

‘Anyone Who Loves Me’

We just have to echo the message of this track and say that the societal pressures put on women are outdated and sexist. Plain and simple. Charlotte Cardin has gotten an even higher dosage of this as a woman in the public eye, and we love seeing her make this track calling anyone with these views out. ‘Anyone Who Loves Me’ is very pointed and has incredible lyrics such as “We’re not your fancy dolls, you better set us free, or else we’ll fuck you up.” She said exactly what she said.

Image Source: Jean Pierrot

Charlotte Cardin has publicly named ‘Meaningless’ as her favorite song she’s ever released, so the bar was high for this one! But of course, she didn’t disappoint! ‘Meaningless’ is all about living for the moment and taking risks. It’s all about being in the now. We all sometimes struggle with settling for things we know will be safe and predictable, but we could all take a page out of Charlotte’s book and steer clear of the land of the lost and without reason.


We’ve already been jamming out to this track for a while. We covered it back when it first came out (check that article out here)! ‘Daddy’ is all about loving all the bad decisions you’re making. It’s the no regrets lifestyle we’re dying to live. The track has this alt-pop sound to it and is just one of the best tracks to vibe to! We are strongly looking forward to nights where we can just fully immerse ourselves in music at a bar or club again!

‘Sex to Me’

Charlotte Cardin proves she’s a fangirl after our own heart by saying that growing up around music by artists like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera inspired this track. They were such incredible female artists so comfortable in their sexuality and with making sensual music and it rubbed off on Charlotte which we love. Freely expressing sexuality in music is something that we will always celebrate!

‘Good Girl’

If you’re an OG Charlotte Cardin fan, this track is for you! It was written about four years ago, according to Charlotte, and sounds much like a lot of the music she wrote as a teenager. ‘Good Girl’ focuses on a topic that sadly too many of us have experienced, unhealthy toxic relationships. It’s so easy to be caught up in the moment and blinded by love and lust. It’s even easier to ignore red flags while caught in that whirlwind that seems to be love.

‘Sad Girl’

From ‘Good Girl’ to ‘Sad Girl,’ we truly love to see it. We are obsessed with this track. It’s a top-two for sure! The whole message of having this overwhelming amount of love for someone and being a complete wreck when they leave. But then, as Charlotte Cardin put it, “I wrote the week you left, I got an album from this fucking mess.” You take all that outpouring of pain and make it into something beautiful.

Image Source: Jean Pierrot

We can’t get over how good this track is! The back and forth conversation happening between ex-partners is just such an excellent concept for a track. Quite obviously, the point of view you hear during the chorus is who we can assume to be Charlotte Cardin addressing someone who had cheated on her. Telling that person she has a “fist of kisses for your list full of ex bitches”. Truly unmatched petty energy that we love to see! This is the beauty of being a songwriter. You get to take experiences that are painful and turn them into something beautiful.

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Anyone who’s ever been in a long-distance relationship will bawl like a baby to this song. And yes, we know because we did, in fact, bawl like a baby to this song. The clear stellar relationship between Charlotte Cardin and her pen is shown off on this track masterfully. Come on. You can’t tell us, “The sun sets, but baby, you’re the view” isn’t an incredible line. If you have a significant other who you get to see every day, listening to this track will make you cherish that even more.

‘Sun Goes Down (Buddy)’

We also ugly-cried to this track. It’s becoming a theme, but hey, we love a good cry. Mental health is the general theme in this track, and wanting to be there for a friend going through a tough time is something we can all relate to. Mental illness can make you feel so isolated and so wrong for feeling the way you feel, and this track just feels like a warm hug and a reminder that people care. That the world is better with each of us in it. We really loved this one.


We can’t imagine a song being more adorable than this one. Hearing Charlotte Cardin talk about how this track is all about the first moments with her boyfriend just solidified that. Young love is something pure and beautiful and should be celebrated all the time in every art form. We will be playing this on repeat and crying over how single we are if you need us!

‘Je quitte’

This song is so devastatingly beautiful. It’s in French, which just elevates the beauty of it. According to Charlotte Cardin, the track is all about needing to just walk away temporarily from a situation. Just get away for a bit to clear the air and regroup. It’s something we need to practice more in our everyday lives.

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If you were as in love with this record as we were, be sure to check out Charlotte Cardin’s upcoming live stream put on by moment house! You can find the info here!

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite song off of Phoenix? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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